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27-01-08, 12:55
Since introducing their ground-breaking Nu Metal sound to the burgeoning rap-metal scene in the late Nineties, Limp Bizkit have sold over 33 million albums around the world.

The group's charismatic front man, Fred Durst, has courted controversy over the years, both on and off-stage, where he has engaged in a series of high profile physical and verbal feuds with various contemporary stars of the rap scene such as Eminem.

This DVD captures - in two versions, Original and Remix - Limp Bizkit's performance at Germany's biggest and most prestigious rock event, held annually in Nuremberg, the famous Rock In The Park Festival in June of 2001, when they were pretty much at the height of their popularity.

In this blinding set the band performed all their classic numbers and featured four of their U.K. Top Twenty hit singles, including 'Take A Look Around', the theme song to the blockbuster movie 'Mission Impossible 2', 'My Way' and the chart-topping 'Rollin''.


1. Intro
2. Hot Dog
3. Show Me What You Got
4. Break Stuff, The One
5. Livin' It Up
6. My Generation
7. Re-Arranged
8. Faith
9. Full Nelson
10. My Way
11. Nookie
12. I Would For You
13. Take A Look Around
14. Rollin'

I have my pre-order done. :)

27-01-08, 15:06
Ammmlikeachainsawwww. Seriously how have they sold 33 million records what with Fred being the biggest Mtv douche of the last decade. People will buy anything.

Hybrid Soldier
27-01-08, 16:52
I'll admit i listen to some of their stuff. Its really catchy. XD

My Way and My Generation are the two i listen to most.

28-01-08, 01:10
I loved thier first CD before they completely sold out. I cringe everytime I heard songs like My Generation and Rollin...makes me sick.