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27-01-08, 16:33
I've recently discovered this website similar to MySpace, except that it focuses on blogs, rather than how many friends you can get on your list... I've began posting my political blogs (which are extremely liberal) there and I'd love to read about you guys and have you guys read mine. I don't see why this wouldn't be allowed, considering MySpace is and that has loads more virus connections than this could ever possibly have... Anyway, here's my profile if any of you want to subscribe:

http://mateoforpresident.blogspot.com/ ;)

EDIT: Wow... I feel sooooo loved... :rolleyes: Anyway, here's an example of one of my political posts... I'm extremely liberal. ;)

Republicans Believe That Invading An Innocent Country Is Okay... Freakin' Idiots!

You see, when in comes to the war in Iraq, there is not a more ignorant group than the Republican Party. What Republicans honestly believe is that you should support every decision the president of the United States makes, unconditionally. If that were the case with President Bush, the country would be in ruins and everybody would have an unimaginable amount of debt to pay (most of which would probably end up in our presidents pocket). Thank God for us liberals. We can see past the deception of the Bush Administration. We realize that Bush tricked all of the conservatives into believing the War in Iraq had some mysterious tie to 9/11. Guess what Republicans… It does not. Iraq did not pose any sort of threat to the United States of America. They did not have weapons of mass destruction. They never even pretended they did. They were innocent when we savagely invaded their country. They are innocent today. I’m not saying that there weren’t problems over in Iraq, however, nothing that posed a threat to our government. Saddam Hussein was known to have killed several innocent people during his presidency in Iraq. Republicans are only joking themselves if they honestly think that we, the United States, have helped the Iraqi people in any sort of way, shape, or form. All we’ve manage to do is murder, whether through battle or invasion, over 80,000* innocent Iraqi civilians. Not militia; nobody who was trying to kill us; Civilians. Then, our government (primarily Republicans) has the nerve to question why the people there have set up roadside bombs and take our soldiers as hostages? We deserve it. We wrongly invaded them. It was not the other way around. Don’t forget the facts. Why are we still there, you ask? The simple answer: Nobody actually knows, but I personally believe it’s so that we can rob them of all their oil supply. I mean, come on, do you really believe it’s a coincidence that the Bush family used to work in the oil business. Bush, Jr. himself even ran his own out in Texas back in the day. Are you surprised? If so, you deserve a nice big slap across your idiotic face. Ignorance is no better than conservatism, which is among the worst evils in existence. John McCain, of the Republican Party was quoted saying: “A greater military commitment now is necessary if we are to achieve long-term success in Iraq.” If only he would explain to us what that success is… Republicans think they can go and make statements like that and not need to explain any of it. If Republicans want my vote (which is about 99.9% unlikely to ever happen), they need to allow us American citizens our right of knowledge. For me, until we get some proper information explaining Bush’s idiotism, I will just assume that he is wasting funding on robbery. That is what any sane person would assume, after all.

*Current Iraqi Civilian Body Count: http://www.iraqbodycount.org/

Capt. Murphy
27-01-08, 20:53

I have a blog. :pi: