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28-01-08, 07:36
I went in expecting some hardcore action, and Rambo delivered in enough spades to last about seven lifetimes. It was beyond hardcore. It was so brutal it raised the bar of hardcore. The action was brilliantly well done. Action movies must succeed at action first and foremost. But Rambo went a bit beyond. Sure, I nearly wanted to stand up and cheer at moments, and any movie that inspires me to do that wins max marks, however Rambo also was an insightful film as well. I was almost entirely oblivious to the Burmese civil war/genocide that's been waging for so long. Rambo was hardly a teaching tool, but it used absolutely horrifying visual aids to hit the awareness arrow home. John Rambo himself also underwent some significant development. It wasn't incredibly eye-opening, but it was a shockingly thought-provoking movie that made me aware, but it was displayed in a way that was effective, worked to the film's advantage and didn't get in the way of it's stronger entertainment traits.

My only real complaints were that the movie felt a bit too short (the final action scene was amazing but there was very little resolution to lead up to it) and most of the missionary dialog and acting was pretty sub-par. The story surrounding Rambo's physical ambition was thin, but that's hardly a complaint. It was a simple story with a beginning, middle, and end. With a movie like this, it doesn't need to be incredibly complicated, and anything else would likely only serve to convolute it needlessly. Regardless, the simple story, accompanied by violently stunning action and a hardcore, real life sickening backdrop made Rambo an unforgettable film. I can easily return to it for the unmatched action but admire it in kind for the ground surrounding each kill.

Put simply, gorehounds will love it and action junkies will love it. Anyone expecting some simple bad guy versus good guy conflicts had best steer clear though, as much of the content is, as stated above, downright disturbing. Not for the faint of heart. Plus, additional analysis of the movie does indeed leave the morality of our heroes in question.

Rambo is a movie that would make for great discussion. There is tons of subtle depth in the movie that makes it more than simply an action movie. I can't advise everyone watch it because I imagine many would find it nothing short of repulsive (and I wouldn't blame them). However, those that can stomach the brutality, I can't recommend it enough. Dissect the movie as you watch it. There are tons of underlying themes present throughout the entire movie that many won't give it enough credit for.

So, in conclusion, Rambo succeeds brilliantly for being one of the most entertaining, disturbing, thought-provoking, brutal, and flat memorable movies I've ever seen.


Lara Croft!
28-01-08, 11:58
I liked the new Rocky, but when I saw there was gonna be a new Rambo also I was like WTF... But I will not be too eager to judge! I loved the old ones so I'll give the new one a shot!

Tthe Spirit
28-01-08, 13:04
There's gonna be a new Ramboo...
Must see it.

28-01-08, 14:54
Where do you live that you've already seen it? I have to wait almost a month until it hits the cinemas here...

28-01-08, 15:20
It was released in the US on the 25th.

Zelda master
28-01-08, 15:49
Sorry to say... i reallt hate the name of that movie... Rambo makes it sound like part one...:o

28-01-08, 16:55
Most action movies only work in the cinema. An explosion laden 'masterpiece' on the big screen usually translates as a quasi-success on your tv...even if you have a really nice home theater. Cinema or not at all for me. I reckon I'll go see it though...looks proper old school. :cool:

28-01-08, 17:51
I'm looking forward to this film. I think it comes out in the UK sometime in February. My favourite of the original films was the second one.

Thanks for the review.