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L-Cpl Jones
31-07-03, 18:44
Eidos has done what once seemed unthinkable. Development on the Tomb Raider series has been taken out of the hands of its creators, Core Design, and switched to Crystal Dynamics, the US-based outfit responsible for the Soul Reaver games. According to the statement issued this morning, the next Tomb Raider game is, "scheduled for release during the financial year to 30 June 2005." Ominously, it also adds that, "in light of this decision, the Company will now be evaluating the Core Design studio's on-going direction and contribution as part of the group's overall development capabilities."

Once the success story of the British games industry, Core's reputation has been irreparably damaged by the debacle surrounding the launch of Angel Of Darkness. After years in development and a series of broken release dates, the game was met by scathing reviews, with Jeremy Heath-Smith resigning from the boards of Eidos and Core soon after release. Many players have complained that the final version was still heavily bugged and last week it was knocked off the top of the PS2 chart after a fortnight on sale. Now Core is even being blamed for the poor box office performance of the new movie. "The only thing we can attribute it to is that gamers were not happy with the latest version of the Tomb Raider game," said Paramount distribution president, Wayne Lewellen. Nothing to do with the critical mauling dished out to Cradle Of Life, then?

It's certainly an ignominious end for Core's relationship with Lara, and a far cry from the characters late '90s ubiquity - 10/10 scores in Official PlayStation Magazine, features in The Economist and an appearance on the cover of The Face magazine accompanied by the line 'Bigger than Pammy, wiser than Yoda'. Croft was the brainchild of a team led by Toby Gard, who later left Core to form Confounding Factor, and is currently locked in his own development hell on the perma-delayed Galleon. Ironically, the original idea behind Angel Of Darkness was to open with Lara at her lowest ebb, washed up on the streets of Paris. At one point there were even rumours that she might become a junkie or hit the bottle. So let's hope she's consoling herself with nothing stronger than a bottle of Lucozade.

31-07-03, 19:01
yes this has been talked about...go to AOD forum...a lot of people have commented on it