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29-01-08, 15:49
Okay I posted a thread a while ago on how depressing it was to be with my mates.

But now I've realised that in our first year at secondary school, the year divided into halves. Us who our not bothered by our appearance and spend the weekends at each others houses. And the other half, who are...not exactly pretty girls, but make themselves gorgeous, and then there's the guys that fancied them.

When I first started this school, I went under the first lot, but now I'm sorta the second. But I dont think the trendier people like me, but I'm definately one of them. If only I could get talkin to them...

29-01-08, 15:56
Why do you want to group yourself? Why can't you be individualistic? Is there something wrong with being an individual?

29-01-08, 16:00
I would prefer to have friends who are...like me. Its the way I am, I like to do things with others, not by myself

29-01-08, 16:07
There is always a powerful need to belong, whoever and wherever we are Chloe. There's nothing wrong with that. But on the other end of the balance is the need to express yourself - not by who you hang out with, but by what you do as a person, by yourself, without leaning on others or taking your beat from them.

March to the beat of your drum - you'll be happier in the long run (been there, done that).

29-01-08, 16:10
Learn to look deeper than likes, dislikes and appearence. You'll be a lot happier, trust me.

29-01-08, 16:11
If you're just abandoning your real friends, and the people at the clique you want to belong to just ignore you, you'll most likely end up alone, and it will probably be a good lesson.

29-01-08, 16:16
Be who you want to be and find people who are comfortable with that. There are always people in the world who will like you more for being yourself than hiding behind a mask :)

29-01-08, 16:21
I'm not abandoning anyone. I've just come back from Bebo (I'm always looking at these girls profiles) and they're exactly the same as me. We like the same music, same clothes, same everything. I just want them to give me a chance.

I thought about talking to any of them on Bebo or MSN. But I'm scared they'll a)block me or b)wonder why I added them.

On my old bebo I added a few of them and posted on their profiles saying "thanks for accepting me" and a few replied back saying "thats ok" but some didnt.

29-01-08, 16:24
Chloe - you last thread was only posted a few days ago - perhaps it is best if you carry on there (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=117689)? I can't really see how this justifies a new one, to be honest...