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30-01-08, 02:23
I just need to say that I SUCK at these time trials. I've been using the tips page on how to do it faster but I always fall or mess up and have to start over. I suck you guys.

Does anybody else have trouble?

30-01-08, 02:39
have you checked out the videos in these two threads? they may help....



30-01-08, 02:40
Ofcourse, everybody has trouble! Dont beat yourself up, I understand how it gets REALLY annoying, but just keep trying. What I find annoying is that I try it one day and i suck and it just seems impossible...then another day i try again (positive that i wont succeed) and I do! Just keep trying and take your time. Dont get nervous! What levels are you having trouble on?

30-01-08, 15:57
Does anybody else have trouble?

I did, in the beginning. It just takes lots of practice. THe one that always gave me grief was Lost Valley. They I learned to shave a few minutes off my dodging the wolves and bats and killing the T-Rex in 3 ADs.

Watching the youtubes REALLY helps! Study, practice...SUCCEED!!!

You can do it, just take it easy. Also, I found that if I failed a few times, it was time to turn off the system and come back later. No use getting all lathered up over a game. Try again the next day when you are calmer. You get it! :tmb:

30-01-08, 18:22
I always found doing the same level over and over and over and over and over until I beat it was the way to go. But then again I'm like that. I just found that, especially with the later levels (egypt!), you need to develop the motor skills to breeze through the first half of the level without a hiccup. You need to develop until you can do it without thinking about it.

31-01-08, 15:54
they are indeed hard, and I never got any further then the City Of Vilcabamba, The Lost Valley is soooo hard :(