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30-01-08, 09:09
I know this might sound silly to some of you but I need help to know if I like tomb raider or not. I have a condition called OCD (obsessive, compulsive disorder) my version of it makes it hard for me to tell what things I like and with videogames it is worst.
Basically Im just gonna lay down the stuff I think on tomb raider and I would just like your help and tell me if you think I do like it or if it is my OCD.

When I was younger I owned all the tomb raider games but only completed 2 and 4 since I found the rest completly boring. TR1 only played to lost valley then level skipped to end, TR3 only played the first level then level skipped to end. TRC only played the first chapter and the submarine one. I even went to meet one of the models during tomb raider 3 and get my copy signed and got a kiss.

When legend came out I played it every single day usually finishing it each day at least once for around 8 months it was the only game I played.
(I cant work so had the time)
The things I liked about it was the story and pacing. Downsides where that going though a level doing exactly the same jumps etc was really boring after the 100th time.

After legend I started to notice that the games I was buying changed I started to buy stuff like devil may cry, gears of war and heavenly sword.
Games that I used to play alot like prince of persia I couldnt stand anymore same went for final fantasy games.

Then anniversary came out and I didnt enjoy even one bit of it. I felt that all the levels where boring and dull, that none of the action or puzzles where great and that the story was horrible. I even didnt like the way lara looked.
After I finished it I never wanted to go back to it. the general jumping around from ledge to ledge just didnt feel satisfying anymore either.
I didnt even go though to get all the secrets and time trials even though my OCD usually demands that I do.

At xmas my OCD also made me get two games I thought I wanted but hated, uncharted and assassins creed.
With uncharted even though i played the demo and hated it my OCD tricked me into still wanting it. When i got it I hated every minute the jumping the shooting just felt soooo boring and I struggled though it.
For assassins creed I was looking forward to that all year but when i got it I relised how bad it was. The only thing I enjoyed about it was the running and jumping mechanics.

Now im left here looking though magazines about tomb raider underworld thinking for hours and days if I like it or not as it fills my head completly.
I cant tell if I actually want to play the game or if its just because its tomb raider and lara croft. SInce its part of a series it makes it worse since my OCD makes me believe that I have to own the complete series otherwise it isnt worth it. because of this I have ended up buying and selling legend and anniversary 7 times now.

Things I like about TR is the fact that lara is a strong character to look up to and that the feeling of exploring these tombs that no one has set foot in for hundreds of years is amazing.
Things I hate would be how repetitive they are with levels playing out exactly the same time and time and how unrealistic they are which I relized more and more as Ive gotten older, for example there just so happens to be a ledge at this certian place etc.

For other games ive also been going though changes over the past few months and questioning if I like them. Games like halo and mass effect I managed to force myself to relise that I was only buying them because at the time they where the big games and not because I liked them.

One of my big reasions for getting TR games is the movies. Years ago it was though the help of the TR games and movies that I got better.

My story basically goes like this relised I was gay when I was 15. Wanted to lose weight before I went into college which I did though watching the first tomb raider film every day to motivate me as a I exersised and also to build my confidence as I kept thinking lara wouldnt be bothered so why should I.
I went from 15 stone down to 7 stone in around 6 weeks.
I managed to also find a boyfriend and moved in with him, however he cheated on me and hated that I played videogames and one day broke all my games and dvds. After I left him things at school got worse this was when I was 17. I was beaten up several times, stabbed in my leg with a knife and got abuse and spat on every single day while the teachers did nothing but walk past and ignore it. eventually I got to the point where I wouldnt leave my room and spent the next year locked in my room. eventually I started to get better and eventually started to leave the house again. When I heard about legend being made it spurred me to become even more better and once it was released I found some of my confidence returning enough so that I would actually go shopping by myself. So lara has help me alot so far.

Sorry for this being so long and eratic but I just needed to get it all out as it has been tormenting me for days.
any views would be great.
feell free to ask questions you might have aswell.

30-01-08, 09:13
You don't like it.


I'm sorry but being facetious. How are we supposed to know if you don't know yourself? If you hated every minute of Anniversary, that's a clue.

I hope it all works out for you.

30-01-08, 09:23
im afraid we cant help you, seeing as we dont know u and your personality its very very hard to tell u what u like and what u dont like. only u can do that.

also, lets say we tell u that u dont like TR, will u stop buying the games? from what uve told us it seems that ull buy it anyway.

p.s i slightly suffer from OCD, but its not extreme at all. so i sort of know wot ur going through, but i dont think we can help.

thought if u really want an answer, by opinion is that u dont like TR, but u like the IDEA of TR. (a bit like me, actually!)

30-01-08, 10:11
.. Moving to Gen Chat. :wve:

30-01-08, 10:19
I think that you don't like it anymore. Just my opinion

30-01-08, 10:37
I think that you don't like it anymore. Just my opinion
Same here :mis:

30-01-08, 12:57
do a brake and dont play TR for a while. after some time if u will play it again, u may like it :) and by brake i mean - 1 or more yrs :pi: