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30-01-08, 11:07
Has anyone here have a form of it??? I didn't know it was abnormal 'til recently... it's just always how i've always percieved things...

i have grapheme or colour synesthesia (please read the links if you have know idea what i'm talkin' about:o)


Everything from letters,words, numbers, times, months, dates and music have colours for me.. i don't just hear music, i see it.. not physically or infront of me but mentally.. every song i hear has a colour/different clours for different instumentation, notes ect... it's how i learned to play guitar and piano by telling the notes apart not just with my ears but by visualising it...

It's how my mind arranges things, memorizes things and it's hard to put into words.. i can't explain it really

am i crazy lol.....????

30-01-08, 11:32
I'm a synaesthete and consider myself lucky. I could go on for hours about the colour and texture of music and especially voices.

30-01-08, 13:26
Hey you're not crazy. I think you're special. You're able to see things in a way that not many people can. I think it's a special kind of trait! :tmb: :hug:

Legend of Lara
30-01-08, 14:00
I've been playing Rez for months now, trying to figure out what synesthesia really is with low progress. Maybe I'll try something else... :pi: