View Full Version : Skins series 2 airs 14/2/08

31-01-08, 11:35
I'm so excited, the new series of Shameless is proving to be a good'un so I'm excited to see what Skins has to offer. I've been reading a few plot lines and they sound decent enough.

Anyone a fan? Excited as me?

31-01-08, 15:49
The new series of Shameless has pretty much been a hit and miss... same with Series 4.

I've never watched Skins but loads of my mates have said it's brilliant... I haven't got a clue what it's about though.

31-01-08, 21:01
Canna Wait.
I hope they get rid of Anwar though... he wins the award for most annoying character.

31-01-08, 21:08
Finally, we have a date! Those "Coming Soon" adds were getting on my nerves :mis:

31-01-08, 21:11
I have to agree with you Mitch -_-.

I cannot wait for the series to start again, I've missed it rather a lot, there has not been anything good airing lately - now I have Skins and Lost.

Plus I get to fawn over sexy Sid, :cln:.

31-01-08, 21:48
^Haha. Cassie eloped to the town we go to every weekend..I wonder if they are gonna show her there (Elgin) or not..and if they do, did they film there?

If anyone wants plot spoilers, I can post them..but I wont do that without people saying they want them first.

11-02-08, 21:17
Sorry to bump AND double post but the e4 premier is tonight.

Did anyone see it on Myspace?

I caught it on Youtube.

Liking it so far although Michelles acting seems to have...well..gone down the drain.

11-02-08, 21:20
Skins is utter **** in my opinion. Some guy who knows NOTHING about teenage life and just writes crap unrealistically and stereotypically.

I still don't understand why this show is overly hyped like it's the 8th wonder of the world. I mean, its been advertized more than other major shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives etc. If it wasn't as heavily promoted, I wouldve taken some interest in it.

11-02-08, 21:21
I completely understand why people don't like it. I'm the first to admit it's stereotyping is completely O.T.T but it's entertainment, I guess you can't complain.

26-03-08, 11:19
its awesome :D

26-03-08, 14:41
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