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31-01-08, 22:12

(I dont think they actually mean a spider. Just a volcano :rolleyes:)

Mercury Photos Surprise Astronomers
Posted: 2008-01-31 13:57:43
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WASHINGTON (Jan. 31) -The first pictures from the unseen side of Mercury reveal the wrinkles of a shrinking, aging planet with scars from volcanic eruptions and a birthmark shaped like a spider.

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / NASA / AP The Mysteries
Of Mercury1 of 6 Scientists have been poring over new images from Mercury. This feature, which they dubbed "the spider," has them puzzled. It's "unlike anything we've seen anywhere in the solar system," one said. The formation consists of a crater with ridges radiating from it, and was formed in an area hit by space junk when the planet was young.

Some of the 1,213 photos taken by NASA's Messenger probe and unveiled Wednesday help support the case that ancient volcanoes dot Mercury and that it is shrinking as it gets older, forming wrinkle-like ridges. But other images are surprising and puzzling.

The spidery shape captured in a photo is "unlike anything we've seen anywhere in the solar system," said mission chief scientist Sean Solomon of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. The image shows what looks like a large crater with faint lines radiating out from it.

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Thank you very much tranniversary :)

I've heard that MESSENGER will aproach Mercury so close as never b4 (200 km it's really close) but I didn't know that they already got the pics :tmb:

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You're welcome:), Yeah I heard about it to a while ago. It sort of looks like our moon.

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what a misleading title. And here I was hoping for some giant space-bugs with acid for blood.

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I thought it was going to be about a real spider too. :(

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^yay me too haaaa....., but anyway great news.