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01-02-08, 23:00
Okay, almost a year ago we moved house into the countryside where there is nobody near us. But my mum stayed home a few weeks back and said that she saw a girl about my age getting off the bus and walking up the road.

On Thursday school wasnt on so all week I was planning to meet this girl and talk to her. I planned what I was going to say and everything. My mum said the bus pulls up at about half 3/quarter to 4 so I came out at about quarter past 3. Which meant walking up and down the path for half an hour.

So eventually she cames, and I just couldnt do it, I was so scared. But after she walked on a bit, a looked back to see which house she walked into. Turns out there is a house down the road, but only one. A posh one. She lives there.

So i really wanna be friends with this girl but I'm tongue-tied. I could try bumping into her again sometime and go all shy, wait a few weeks and get my mum to do it, or go and knock on her door. What do you guys think?

01-02-08, 23:02
Making new friends and such is hard!
I'd probably do the same too,
but if I knew where she lived.
I'd take a deep breath
and go knocking on her door.

What do you have to loose?

And you're not a weakling.

01-02-08, 23:07
I thought about knocking on the door sometime...But what do I say?:ton:

01-02-08, 23:11
well if I was
in your situation
I would knock on the door
and say hi my name is Hillary (in my case:tea:)
(and if her mom or someone answered the door)
I would continue to say how I knew that there
is a girl who looks the same age as me and I was
wondering if she wanted to go for a walk.
Or if it was her, I'd just straight out ask
if she wanted to go for a walk.

Hope this helps!

02-02-08, 00:06
Why don't you talk to her at the stop and ask her name and stuff and then you can call her to your house to chill or do something you both like to do like board games or something?

02-02-08, 00:14
usually when i want to make friends with someone, i try to be as casual as possible. you dont have to start a convo with your name, it can be about anything. perhaps a joke to get them to laugh or loosen the tension. then find a common interest, maybe she plays TR also. u never kno til u ask. then just keep talking and go from there.


and another thing. dont call yourself a weakling. its low. you're a human being just like everyone else, stop insulting yourself.

02-02-08, 04:08
You're not a weakling, chloe...stop berating yourself.

Just relax, be casual. Tell her that you wanted to see how she was getting on with her new place :)

02-02-08, 04:11
TRy to make yourself noticable, like making eye contact. You never know, maybe she would like a friend.

Chiki Mina
02-02-08, 04:15
No offense, but you're making a lot of "depressing" threads like this lately.

I personally don't find hard to make friends. Because I just be myself. Sum up all your courage and go up to her and say hi or make a comment about the weather, the school, etc. Break the ice. But most importantly, be yourself.

02-02-08, 04:58
I saw the title and thought the thread was going to be about physical strength. You know, I'm the same way with girls. It takes me a while (if ever) to get up the nerve to say something - unless I'm in a situation where the only alternative is to look retarded. I'm kind of a shy person by nature until I've known you for a while. Then you pretty much can't get me to shut up.

02-02-08, 05:08
@ ~*~Chloe~*~

You always have different and interesting topics! :)

02-02-08, 07:52
Us teens go through the toughest struggles! :hug: I can almost relate to your threads!

Take some time and think. How did I make friends with my previous friends? If you feel confident enough, go up to her, smile, and just say a simple "Hi!"

Remember to...

Smile: A grin is contagious.

Be positive: People like to be around happy folks. You can teach yourself to find the good in most situations.

Be courteous: Develop good listening skills; try to make others feel comfortable and important.

Be confident: If you like yourself, others probably will, too.

Be true: Never fake who you are. Don't say you like something you don't to impress someone else. Phonies are easy to spot, and no one likes them.

Got those from a website...

Good luck! :tmb:

02-02-08, 11:19
The best thing you can do is be yourself, and don't over think it