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31-07-03, 23:51
A couple have put their Victorian house on the market with an unusual additional feature - a tortoise. The listed property in Morningside, Edinburgh, is owned by actress Monica Gibb and local businessman David Graveson, and has an asking price of 520,000. But the Nile Grove house also has a lodger, Tortie the tortoise, who has lived in the spacious walled garden since the Second World War.

The couple are leaving Tortie behind because they fear the shock of moving would be too much for the sexagenarian terrestrial turtle. Ms Gibb, who played Mary Raeburn in the BBC series Two Thousand Acres of Skye, said: "We are not deserting Tortie. We are handing him on because we fell we were just his keepers. It's not that we don't want to have Tortie. It is for the tortoise's own good. He has lived here for many years in this safe environment and he knows where to hibernate and to take him away would be cruel."

Ms Gibb, Mr Graveson and their two children Emma and Matthew adopted Tortie when they moved into the house in 1986. The previous owners looked after him for 14 years. Before that he lived two doors down but was re-housed when the owners sold up.

If prospective buyers had a particular aversion to tortoises the couple said they would take him away. She said: "We very much hope he can stay but if the new owners feel they would rather not keep him we would get in touch with Edinburgh Zoo to advise us about how best we could look after him."

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31-07-03, 23:59
It's nice to see that so many kind people have cared for him. Hopefully the new owners will follow that trend

01-08-03, 00:02
I hope he remains cared for and happy.

01-08-03, 00:15
Thanks for posting this, i might have to pass it on to my friends.