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02-02-08, 00:55
Out of boedeom:

What do you usually order from the chinese store or is you favorite type of chinese food, or sushi (if its chinese) or whatever!

Mine is Beef + Broccolli w/ white rice. can't get enough of it.

Mad Tony
02-02-08, 00:57
Don't really like Chinese that much, I much prefer Indian myself, and then I prefer the almighty Subway even more than that... :)

Seriously though, I have some beef stir fry (I think) and egg fried rice. It's nice and all, but it's not great. It's just not my thing.

02-02-08, 00:58
Me love Chinese food. :D

I would order China as a take-away if I had the money. :D

Hm... Sweet and Sour stuff, usually. Beef or pork.
Meat is generally very expensive here. :)

02-02-08, 00:58
I am obsessed with chinese food :eek:

My favorite is Peking Duck :jmp:

02-02-08, 00:59
I prefer Indian cuisine too. But Chinese spareribs are quite tasty. :p

02-02-08, 01:00
Nasi Goreng has to be my favorite Chinese food. :) Apart from all the leek in it.

02-02-08, 01:00
What about crab sticks, cant beat crab sticks. or the fried chicken...mmmmmmmmmmmm...

02-02-08, 01:00
Pork with sour and sweet sauce

Capt. Murphy
02-02-08, 01:08
If it's Spicy I'll get it. But I don't like Kim-Chi. I tried it once and almost gagged right there in the restaraunt. :-X Then one day I heard that it's like Asain saurkraut (sp?).

I usually get something with Chicken in it, or I make stir-frys at home. These would have onions, carrots, brocolli, zuchini squash, green peppers, some sort of hot pepper like (a habenero or jalepeno, etc.), plenty of crushed red pepper, soy sauce/salt, ginger, and peanuts added at the very last.

ETA: I've learned to not use the bottled cruched garlic. That always makes things uncomfortable later. 8-/

I LOVE the thin asian vermicelli. Fried rice and egg-rolls... :p

If it's Thai? Something called Drunken Noodle, or Green or Red Curry are both good too. All of its good!

02-02-08, 01:15
As tasty as this sounds, this charming and hunger inducing topic is better suited for open chat.