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02-02-08, 09:02
Happy Groundhog Day TRF :)

I just feel today like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day trying to position himself in the snow the exact same way he did the night before ....

02-02-08, 09:03
Happy Groundhog Day, everyone!! :yah:

02-02-08, 09:37
What is Groundhog day?

02-02-08, 09:38
Happy Groundhog Day!! :yah: :jmp:

02-02-08, 10:20
What is Groundhog day?

have a look here :)


And to everyone in Pennsylvania, have a good day down at Gobblers Knob :eek:

02-02-08, 13:06

02-02-08, 13:13
Happy Rodent day. T.T


02-02-08, 13:31
Happy Groundhog day then.

02-02-08, 13:41
Didn't we have this thread yesterday :whi:

Capt. Murphy
02-02-08, 14:50
The Sun's out today. If punksatuny pill was here he'd trip out on his shadow. And that means 6 more weeks of winter.:tea:

*snicker* Knob Gobblers. :D

02-02-08, 14:51
Happy Groundhog day

Alex Fly
02-02-08, 14:54
Happy Groundhog Day ! :wve:

02-02-08, 14:57
Happy Groundhog Day!

02-02-08, 15:43
Happy Grounhog day :tmb:

Getting a strange feeling of Deja-Vu, tho... :whi:

02-02-08, 15:43
The only thing I know about Groundhog Day is that movie with Bill Murray.

Happy Groundhog Day anyway... :)

02-02-08, 15:46
Happy Groundhog Day! :yah: When do we know the winter results?

Capt. Murphy
02-02-08, 15:57
The only thing I know about Groundhog Day is that movie with Bill Murray.

Happy Groundhog Day anyway... :)
I've seen a (few?) Star Trek - tng episodes like that. Even one where Capt. Picard had went back in time to warn his past self of immenent doom, he couldn't return to the future but he saved the (hours younger) Capt. Picard and died anyway. Stewie in tfg- the movie did something similar.

This is the 5,876th time I've posted this or some variation. Hopefully I got it right this time and can see tomorrow - tomorrow. Or maybe I should work on building a time machine since I learn everything I experienced and it carries over to the next (repeated) day. Then I can blow past this bs. Oh wait. It's me. From the future. I says I got to get and swoon the girl with so much charisma and charm that it knocks that little kink in time out and things can get back on track. Yep. Seems logical.