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02-02-08, 20:07
Hello everyone! :)

I want to ask you: What do you think about this Tomb Raider sunglasses?

http://s6.directupload.net/images/080202/skr677up.jpg (http://www.directupload.net)

Would you buy it? I want to, but I don't know, should I? :D

Is it good quality?

mfg. Anthony

02-02-08, 21:12
My love is not great that I would walk around with sun glasses that have TR written on them.:p Other than that they look pretty good. A while back someone posted the type of sunglasses she wore in TRA from Amazon. Now those were super sweet.:tmb:

02-02-08, 21:18
Personally, I think Its a matter of taste.

But If i were you, I'd go for them :tmb:

02-02-08, 21:28
Ok! I will buy it! :D

Tomb Raider Master
02-02-08, 22:18
They look nice on the photo, but I don't think they would fit either me or my taste. If you want them, go ahead.

02-02-08, 22:27
Well, it's important to see how they look on yourself before buying, I'd say. If I couldn't try it on before buying, I don't think I'd get them... Well, unless you're just getting them as a collectible ;)

02-02-08, 22:27
i would prefer a matrix look alike sunglasses

Sir Croft
02-02-08, 22:29
I like it, it's really nice. :)
I'd buy it.

02-02-08, 22:29
Yes, but not for wearing. I, myself, couldn't wear those..but, if you feel comfortable wearing them go for it!

If I ever see someone in the street wearing TR sunglasses I'll presume it's you and give you a high five.

03-02-08, 17:20
I won't buy it to wear it! I want it for my collection of TR rares! :D

Agent Dee
03-02-08, 18:43

i would rather have these, Ray Ban Predator 2 the same style of glasses used in Men In Black 1. i have a imitation pair i got from a flea market that i love.

03-02-08, 19:32
there just some sunglasses with the tomb raider logo slapped on it.

03-02-08, 19:35
If you want it as a collection, go for it and buy it! :tmb: If they sell out, you'll regret it!

03-02-08, 23:00
And in 20years it's very very very rare and I am rich!!! :vlol: