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03-02-08, 13:04
Alrighty so want I wanted to know is:

- good websites to get XP themes
- how safe/easy are they to install and unninstall?
- do they require/eat up alot of RAM?

Hmm... and that's pretty much it XD

03-02-08, 13:06
Want to go Vista?

Try the bricopacks over at Crystal XP:


:D Neat stuff! :p

03-02-08, 13:12
Not go Vista per se... just go pretty XD

Thanks for the link ^^

03-02-08, 13:14
Be sure to check out the other linkies in there. They have crystal-inspired themes. Pretty neat. :tmb:

03-02-08, 13:16
Best possible source of visual styles for XP, imo, is good old deviantart.


You need Styler or UXtheme to use them (both are easy to find in google and both are totally free and simple to install), and they work fine. I supose the RAM issue depends on the visual style, but it's hardly ever a big deal.

(edit: sort by "Popular" to find the best ones)

03-02-08, 13:51
Want to go Vista?

Try the bricopacks over at Crystal XP:


:D Neat stuff! :p

But their ram eaters

03-02-08, 15:10
If you want to get some Vista themes, you can always check http://crystalxp.com, but if you want a Windows XP Media Center theme, have a looksie here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=113411). :)

Dark Lugia 2
03-02-08, 15:29
^ And if you want that In black then you can go here (http://microsoft-zune-theme.en.softonic.com/) and if you want it with a choice of coloured start bars go here (http://atomikscr.deviantart.com/art/Zune-Theme-Color-Mod-50421916)

I'd recomend theme sites if I knew any, hehe :D deviantart is a good one. I wouldnt recommend my vista theme tbh, it looks exactly like vista but i'm sure it's eating my computer alive XD
It's here (http://rotkiv.deviantart.com/art/YAFVC3-Final-Build-1-5-31184159) If ya wanna look :p I didnt install it so i dunno how to set it up tho :p

03-02-08, 15:36
I use the Royal Noir theme for XP

looks like this basically:

download link (http://www.istartedsomething.com/uploads/royale_noir.rar)
A readme is included in the file, its really simple to install.

03-02-08, 19:16
Thanks for all the links guys :D

Yeah RAM is my main issue here... don't have much of it XD but thanks ^^