View Full Version : I'd like talk with someone in the MSN for "upgrade" my english...

Croft's Tutor
03-02-08, 20:26
Hi guys!
Well, I'm from Brazil and i'd like to chat with other people that like Tomb Raider too. Know others cultures, you know... so, who has msn and want talk about tomb raider (or Lost)... my msn is thecrowsoftheforest@hotmail.com... thank's!

03-02-08, 20:36
this is very good that you are doing this. I learned english like that. Well mainly by joining forums like this one and wathing movies,playing games entirely in english. Even my cell phone is in english.

But teh best way to plactice it if you ask me is really to watch movies in english with no siubtitles. Even if you dont understand it the 1st time around when you rewatch ityou iwll start understanding more and more. And this way their pronunciatin and the word order stickies in your head for future use :)

BTW I wat to brag lol. I got A (highest possible mark) on the FCE (1st cambridge certificate) :D its a certificate for people from non english speaking countries. It involves an oral exam, essays, reading and listening.

Its really great if yu take at least teh 1st one I would advice you to try preparing for it. There are libraries in teh local british council and you can get book to prepare yourself! :)

And welcome to teh forums!

03-02-08, 20:41
If you look below a person's username/avatar, you'll see an msn icon.


There might be people who don't have msn around, but if you see some, click on it, and you can add them.

Your English is good, btw. :)

03-02-08, 20:42
You should replace the @ in your e-mail address with something or make some space if you hold your e-mail dear :wve:

Anyways, if you feel unlucky on MSN, this could perhaps help you as well: http://www.polyglot-learn-language.com/ :)