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04-02-08, 07:59
Heres a weird question.

Does anyone here have some sort of Speech Impediment? (eg. Stuttering/Stammering, Talking too fast etc)

I start stuttering and clumping my words together (usually lumped together by a giggle or two) when I get nervous, usually when I know other people are listening to what I have to say.

It can be very irritating. :hea:
Especially when it makes me sound like a little kid when I use small words to describe things instead of big fancy ones because if I talk for too long I'll screw up my words eg. What I want to say: "Thats completely ridiculous!" What I say: "That's lame"

so who else here has a similar problem?

04-02-08, 08:07
I have a prob where if i talk to fast ill clump my words together so i try talkin on a normal level haha, its from learning japanese i got to used to japanese

Capt. Murphy
04-02-08, 08:13
Usually I don't, but sometimes if I'm nervous I've found that I may transpose some consonants in words. Like I'd say: "You'll need to toe...er, GO get the lid for the box that's on top of fe... er, THE fridge."

It's as if I use the first letter of the next or previous word in the current word I'm saying. Or something like that. Then I find myself having to slow down and enunciate my words.

04-02-08, 08:40
Sometimes I trip over my own phrases. It's sort of a recent thing, I don't know why it's just started.

Like, I'll be telling a story, but get tangled up in what I want to say, thus creating awkward gaps of silence between phrases -- which completely derails the flow of good story-telling.

I'm a decent public speaker, but this sort of thing happens when I'm talking to a small group (anywhere from 2 to 8-ish people). It could be a lack of confidence on a social basis. I can talk to a body of people fine, but when I'm talking to individual people clumped together in a small group, I get nervous and trip up.

04-02-08, 09:05
I tend to begin saying things like "Eeeh, umm." etc. until I finally realize I forgot what to say. :p

04-02-08, 10:39
When I was younger i couldn't speak. MY first word was when I was 5, which is pretty late if you don't know. And now sometimes (rarely) I stop in the middle sentences and repeat them. so yeah I have a kind of speech Impediments. Dunno what you would call it.

04-02-08, 10:42
I always have nervousness in my mind :vlol:

04-02-08, 10:47
Like, I'll be telling a story, but get tangled up in what I want to say, thus creating awkward gaps of silence between phrases -- which completely derails the flow of good story-telling.
I think that happens to me too, usually when I'm talking for an extended, uninterrupted period of time. And then it's like my mind and mouth are going different speeds. At that point, I just have to go with it, because if I start thinking about the words that are coming out of my mouth, well, they stop coming out. Like I momentarily lose my voice.

04-02-08, 11:35
I guess that's the same with me. If I talk too fast, I'll sometimes confuse myself and have to shut up for a second to untie my tongue and try to remember what I was saying.

Also sometimes I'll think of two possible words I could use at the end of the current sentence, and I end up using them both mashed together (first syllable of one attached to the last syllables of the other) if I was going too quickly to choose between them.

05-02-08, 04:20
I have this too. I start talking too fast and if i'm too excited,then I start stammering. It's so annoying. It was worse when I was younger, but now, it about 90 percent fixed. :( not 100%

05-02-08, 04:26
just when im nervous i could stutter, otherwise i dont, i rarely talk to fast.

05-02-08, 04:27
I jumble over words alot. I didn't always used to be like that, until I started hanging around my best friend for so long.

05-02-08, 05:54
I do. Sometimes, I talk too fast, and my tongue gets tied. But then, I end up just repeating the whole sentence. :o

05-02-08, 07:57
I didn't learn to talk til I was 4, so I've got a couple of problems. I stutter if say, I'm called upon in class, and sometimes I totally forget words. That's just wierd, actually! :vlol:

05-02-08, 20:32
I am not sure if this is the point of your user name, but one of my favorite porn stars is Eva Angelina.

Anyways, just thought you might want to know.

Ada the Mental
05-02-08, 20:51
I talk too fast, and mumble my words, and end up completely tongue-tied. It's so annoying, I sometimes have to repeat what I said many times for people to understand what I'm saying. It's irritating and embarrassing. I try to speak slower and more clearly but it's just beyond me. It's just as hera7days said:the mouth and and mind going at different speeds.
The worst bit is when someone asks me to read aloud...Or when I'm trying to speak French. Or read aloud in French.

05-02-08, 20:59
Interesting topic since its right up my ally. When I'm speaking, I tend to think much faster than I'm speaking because I dont want to forget anything that I want to say. What tends to happen is i'll come across a word in my sentence(the more sylobals the worse)and I just..can't..say it. It's in my head and I know what to say, but I can't say it.. and i know if i try im gonna stutter ridiculously or if i break the word up in its sylobols(which would help) I"ll sound like an idiot. So usually I have to think really quick of a different word that means the same thing.(the worst is when i realize i can't say that one either). But that usually tends to help. It just sucks when the alternate word doesn't really reflect what I'm trying to say. I've had this problem for a really long time now. It comes and goes.. sometimes I can really carry a conversation with someone and it wont effect me. Other times I can already tell in my head that theres no point in even talking cause I'll just make myself out to look like an idiot.

05-02-08, 21:04
Well, I have a very big dialect, and sometimes it makes word very hard for me to say, if I have to talk danish without my dialect. :b
Some of the danish people from Copenhagen doesn't even understand what I'm saying. xD

But I don't think that counts. :o

05-02-08, 21:11
Blimey, do I?

I can't pronounce my "R"s. I'm a bit like Jonathan Woss in that way. :D

05-02-08, 21:13
i get ahead of myself when i talk, so what i actually say doesn't really come out the way i want to.

05-02-08, 22:07
I tend to talk too fast, especially when reading things out. :p

Tomb Raider Master
05-02-08, 22:09
Yeah, I know how it feels. I often want to say lots (and I really mean lots) of things, so I mix them all up, and with me speaking a bit quiet, you can't understand a single word. But I can speak pretty fast and fluent when I want to.

05-02-08, 22:11
I guess that's the same with me. If I talk too fast, I'll sometimes confuse myself and have to shut up for a second to untie my tongue and try to remember what I was saying.

I do that too, lol. I start saying something and then I start saying it differently than I had origonally intended, and have to start again, lol. I also talk reeaally fast. xD

05-02-08, 23:43
I get my words mixed up.

Today during school I told my friend I have to "run to my car real quick to get my keys," when I meant "I need to run to my car real quick to get my cell phone." I was reaching into my jacket pocket to get my car keys, so somehow they got mixed into what I was trying to say.

...this happens a lot.

07-02-08, 13:16
I stutter sometimes, and my accent is very... not... understandable. :wve:

07-02-08, 13:37
I have a tendency to change my tone of voice,stutter when nervous,cant say the Cyrillic letter L.

Lara Croft!
07-02-08, 13:45
I have no prob....

Ada the Mental
07-02-08, 13:47
I stutter sometimes, and my accent is very... not... understandable. :wve:

Actually, you talk too quietly. That's your prob,imo.

07-02-08, 13:57
I've got a horrible case of the stutters. I occasionally stop in the middle of a sentence because I get talking too fast, then I make some weird noises and faces until I can pick back up where I left off. And sometimes I have trouble picking back up and I get frustrated. :(

07-02-08, 14:55
I talk too fast when I'm nervous and I ALWAYS say the wrong words.

Like, I'm trying to say "Where is the tomato ketchup?"

I end up saying "Where is the tomato dog?"

It's dumb and annoying.

07-02-08, 16:39
I went to school with a guy who had a lisp.

To top it off he was ugly as sin, had slicked black hair and thick glasses.

Poor *******.


07-02-08, 16:44
I talk too fast and sometimes stumble over my words. I'll also switch words if I see or do something that makes me think of something other than what I meant to say.

I usually just laugh it off, though. I think it's pretty funny.

Eddie Haskell
07-02-08, 17:03
A soldier I had the pleasure of serving with a long time ago had a terrible speech impediment. He was a good man and a damn fine soldier. Some of his fellow soldiers would rib him from time to time in a light-hearted way, and he would usually laugh them off. One day in a bar (I was not there), he had enough of the wisecracks and went off on a couple of yahoos who went a bit too far. A cracked skull, a broken arm and many lacerations and bruises later those who had some laughs at his expense were laughing no more. And he walked away relatively unscathed I might add, and with his head held high.

in these arms
07-02-08, 18:42
You must see me.

"I'm going to spea...." forget it.

I supposedly swallow or gulp unexpectedly. I hate it! :mad:

07-02-08, 19:05
i have no problems in speech or something :yah:

07-02-08, 22:02
I speak fine. Porky pig....hehe.....

07-02-08, 22:30
When I'm nervous I tend to talk too fast and get stuck on words and keep repeating them till I can move on.

07-02-08, 22:32
i have no problems in speech or something :yah:


08-02-08, 18:44
Actually, you talk too quietly. That's your prob,imo.

So do you! :ton:

The reason being I never used to talk much. My vocal chords aren't used to handling such pressure, and my throat can hurt if I speak too loud. I feel like I'm shouting when I speak louder, so I can't really notice if people can't hear me.

And thousands of cars going past us makes it more difficult. :ton:

08-02-08, 18:53
When I'm really excited I tend to talk a little faster. When nervous I definitely find my words may jumble around, fall into the wrong place in a sentence. But randomly I'll mix the beginning of two words or a short phrase around. (get well = wet gell) it's so emberassing sometimes.

08-02-08, 20:20
because im deaf, and the doctors didnt know this for two years, i kept speaking blurry until i was 6 or 7, i didnt have any friends cos they rejected me cos of my speech impediment

recently, my deafness was changed from moderate bi-lateral sensuory neurone to a moderate bi-lateral, basically my deafness was because of not enough hairs being in the cochlea, also, the nerve connecting the ear and the brain was damaged, that caused my speech impediment, its all sorted now, but i still have a problem with speaking properly...:D

08-02-08, 20:23
Can't stop saying 'like' inbetween words. :D

08-02-08, 20:36
Sometimes I'll stutter at the beginning of a sentecne and I'll have to stop for a second and start again. And my words become all mashed together so I have to stop then start again.

08-02-08, 20:45
I usually misspronounce loads of words when I'm nervous, often pronouncing it uncomprehensible. And I used to have speech therapy because I couldn't pronounce certain vowels and sounds