View Full Version : Worth 160?

05-02-08, 12:28
I was just looking through plays gadgets and I noticed this figure


I'm not a collector of TR figures (yet..I have one..so my hopes are higher than they were before lol) so I'm not sure if this is worth the price they're asking.

Her face seems awful small for her body, no?

Would it be something worth spending all that money on or is the 12.99 one just as good, if not better?

05-02-08, 12:34
Worth 160? Hell no. At least I don't think it is.

But granted, the face looks better than the Lara/Pete Croft/Burns doll.


05-02-08, 12:36
I'd never pay 160 pounds for a doll :|
But then again I wouldn't pay 10 pounds for a doll. It's up to you. Do whatever you want XD

05-02-08, 13:20
It's only so expensive because it's a Sideshow figure, a consistenly expensive brand who often have fantastic looking models...but they have their share of turkeys as well. You can see more shots of it here (http://www.sideshowtoy.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?item=7199). All the same I wouldn't pay anywhere near that for it.

05-02-08, 13:34
Thanks Bt.

The face isn;t up to much is it..in honesty if it wasnt in Laras trademark outfit I dont think I'd know who it was.

05-02-08, 13:46
I wouldn't pay anything like 160 for that. :o

What's up with her ponytail anyway? It's nothing like the in-game version...

05-02-08, 13:47
Yeah the faces are really hit or miss most of the time. The quality with regards to production materials, fabrics and all are however always of an extremely high standard...I pre-ordered this Raiden (http://www.sideshowtoy.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?item=4348) model last month produced by Medicom, a Japanese company who are producing a Lara model for the end of the year. I'd hold out for that one if you planned on spending a big wad of cash on one.

Tina Croft
05-02-08, 15:58
the quality isn't as good as i would pay 160 pounds for it. maybe at most for a big figure but never for that small thing :p