View Full Version : Core Design building "need pic"

06-02-08, 10:19
Hey its a odd question but in VCD (visual communcation design) i need building pictures and i remember seing a outside picture of Core Design on a wet day. Does anybody have one or any pictures of game studio buildings from outside. They are really hard to find.

06-02-08, 11:33
It's probably not the one you were thinking of, but perhaps you could use the picture in this post: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=999182&postcount=2 :)

06-02-08, 13:29
Hmm didn't Justin once visit the office or something? I remember seeing a pic of the building, probably the same one you have in mind, and I thought it was in the context of a visit...

06-02-08, 14:31