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08-02-08, 07:38
Has anyone here ever been through a tornado?

One of them ripped through my friend's university a few days ago... Completely leveled part of the campus, and nearly every car was overturned or mutilated. Amazingly, no one was killed there, and only a few people were injured. (My friend had me worried sick, because he hadn't returned my calls for two or three days, so for the first day or so, we had no idea if he was dead or alive.)

Tornadoes terrify me. A massive one tore through my city ten years ago.

Anyone have any personal tornado stories? Exactly what was it like for you?

Tomb Raider Master
08-02-08, 10:25
Nope, because we don't have them over here.

08-02-08, 10:37
Nope, been through the 2005 Florida hurricanes, I live in Orlando, look at a chart and see where Charlie came through. ;) :wve:

08-02-08, 10:41
We cant have em here to many mountains, thank god
Twisters and such are my biggest fear

08-02-08, 10:43
We cant have em here to many mountains, thank god
Twisters and such are my biggest fear

"Lucky!" ....*says with a Napoleon Dynamite accent*

08-02-08, 10:46
"Lucky!" ....*says with a Napoleon Dynamite accent*

i wouldnt call myself lucky..im movin soon >.<

ben croft
08-02-08, 11:24
Nope, because we don't have them over here.

Same here.


08-02-08, 11:25

08-02-08, 11:53
They terrify me for some reason, I haven't ever seen one but there were a few of them around here a few months back and it scared me, I didn't think we had that many in the UK but there were about 7 or 8 that morning :eek:

08-02-08, 14:16
Nope, twisters are not indigenous(sp?) in Ireland :tmb:

I once watched a documentary bout Tornado Chasers, weather specialists who track down colossal tornadoes to monitor them. :eek: Rather them than me :pi:

I think it was on National Geographic. Anyone else see it? :o

08-02-08, 14:19
Nope, twisters are not indigenous(sp?) in Ireland :tmb:

The spelling is good, the usage of the word isn't. ;) "Twisters are not indigenous to Ireland" is the correct phrase.

08-02-08, 14:20
Yep, I knew that. :pi:

So, has anyone seen/read the article/documentary?
Apparently they've constructed a tank-like vans to take them near enough thse danger-areas.
Freaky stuff.

08-02-08, 14:21
I've never been through one that disastrous, but the area I live in now and when I was younger is prone to getting them from time to time. I remember a tornado struck an area only a couple miles away from my elementary school, and I can recall a few really bad thunderstorms in which the clouds were so dark it looked like night in the middle of the afternoon.

I think they're fascinating, but they do scare the hell outta me.

08-02-08, 14:42
This video creeped me out i have no idea why tornadoes freak me out so much >.<


08-02-08, 15:19
I wanted to be a storm chaser when I was little

Capt. Murphy
08-02-08, 15:23
To everyone that posted; NO, Not here, Whutz a tornabo? I say whoopty freaking do and thanks for sharing.


But seriously. I've come *close to being in a few. In the area I live in - it's known as Tornadoe Alley. And what's kinda weird is that the tornadoes seem to follow a north/easterly path that just happens to be (roughly) the same path as a major Interstate. Thankfully, I've never had any major property damage. I've heard that it sounds like a freight train. And by that it must sound like when it's on the rails. Not the clickety clack sound, no-sirree-bob. It's the ominous and powerful rumbling, roaring sound.

*Close=withing 10 to 15 miles. Maybe closer. :eek:

08-02-08, 15:35
I never experienced or seen one personally :)

08-02-08, 15:39
No. We only have really small ones. Don't know what you call them, but they can destroy a house or two.

08-02-08, 16:31
I have seen and experienced (im lucky i have survived and the tornado was small), really something you won't to want to experience, it was in the last year (or something else) i don't remember well, the tornado just passed right in front of my house. As the tornado was carrying scraps and tiles from the factory roof, when the tornado hit my house the tiles broke my front windows and my dad car rear windows, and it was lucky it was just this...

I just found the news article here (http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2006/12/18/europe/EU_WEA_Portugal_Small_Tornado.php).

08-02-08, 23:19
I absolutely love the documentaries about them and the storm-chasers, they are really brave (or stupid?) to want to sit inside a vehicle while one gets close, no matter how strong it is. I'd be terrified.

I saw a doc once about a woman who clung to her toilet while one went over her house and it actually picked her up and threw her, that must have been awful.

08-02-08, 23:20
Nope, because we don't have them over here.


But I couldn't imagine one, it's be terrifying.
I feel extremely greatful for not getting
them where I am.

09-02-08, 01:32
We don't have tornados in the western states. ;)

09-02-08, 01:37
I hate tornadoes. :( I remember seeing two of them in the sky simultaneously once while driving. I was freaking out. I don't think either of them touched down though.

lara is mine
09-02-08, 02:02
a tornado touched down right down the road from my house, extremely scary, yet cool at the same time

09-02-08, 02:39
We don't have tornados in the western states. ;)



Sir Croft
09-02-08, 03:04
Tropical country here, no tornadoes :cool:

But I do want to see one live, at least once :D