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08-02-08, 22:38
I haven't seen it here... so I made it. :)

The "BANNED" Game

1) 2 posts per day. That would be better, sorry, spammers. :)
2) The main rules: You "ban" a person above you for a funny reason.

Kamnelomo: (My current post)
Vivalatombraider: Kamnelomo banned, because his avatar is blurry and it sucks.
Laracroft#7868fan: Vivalatombraider banned for using the "a" letter 6 times in previous post.
Larkokisser: Laracroft#7868fan banned for brushing his teeth today.

3)Please no spamming, unless it's a spam ban :D.

Let's start!

08-02-08, 22:39
there was a thread like this a few weeks/months ago; this will eventually get closed soon by a mod

in these arms
08-02-08, 22:40
Kamnelomo is banned for making this thread xD


08-02-08, 22:43
Whoops... :( Really? Closed? I have searched here as well... :( Waah. Looks like I'm a loser.

In These Arms is banned for Viking beard on avatar. :D

08-02-08, 22:43
Funny this may be, pointless it is.