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09-02-08, 16:22
To Write Love on Her Arms, also known as TWLOHA, is an American non-profit organization which aims to present hope and find help for young people struggling with problems such as depression, drug addiction, self-injury, and suicide. Based in central Florida, TWLOHA seeks to connect young people to treatment centers, websites, books, support groups, and other resources. TWLOHA also encourages young people to have honest conversations about these issues, to live in community, and to seek help for these treatable conditions.

Has anybody else heard of TWLOHA? I think it is a great organisation. I thought i'd share, anyway, and let you know that 13th february is the day TWLOHA want everyone to come together.
They are saying literally write "Love" on your arms, then when somebody asks why you explain. I post it here because this forum is populated by people who might not have heard of it but also are likely to find it interesting.