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ben croft
09-02-08, 22:47
So far this is just a theory, but it's something that's beginning to come under investigation. Apparently, Japanese entertainment magazine BARKS has alleged that a powered-on Wii emits a sound frequency which falls right into the range to which cockroaches are attracted. This could lend itself to a few uninvited roommates for gamers who are too busy waggling their remotes to invest some time in a little basic housekeeping.

I wouldn't run to the store and drop a week's pay on insecticide just yet, and please keep in mind that this is just a theory, and one that is likely to be debunked eventually. Although, if you find yourself trying out that new Wii Fit Board and hear some crunching under it as you lean one way or the other, don't say I didn't warn you.

Source: click me (http://www.destructoid.com/rumortoid-san-wii-emits-a-frequency-that-attracts-cockroaches--59365.phtml)

Anyone here can confirm that??


09-02-08, 22:49
gross! I despise cockroaches.

09-02-08, 22:49
That's nasty if it's true!

*Goes to check other gaming systems incase they have emitted sound frequencies to attract cockroaches.*

09-02-08, 22:53
Ughhhh, I have a Wii.

09-02-08, 22:57
Ughhhh, I have a Wii.

Bad luck for you.

Veronica Ma
09-02-08, 22:58
OMG! :vlol:

I knew there was a reason I don't have one yet. :vlol:

ben croft
09-02-08, 23:01
I don't have a Wii because I don't like it at all, but if someone says it attracts spiders, no way I would buy one. I hate spiders :eek:


09-02-08, 23:04
Bad luck for you.

No need to act like a jerk. :rolleyes: ;)

09-02-08, 23:05
Aaaaaah I have a Wii, but I don't think we get cockraches here, I've never EVER seen one since we moved to where I live now.

09-02-08, 23:16
*imagines batting hordes of giant Texas tree roaches with a wiimote*

Veronica Ma
09-02-08, 23:26
*imagines batting hordes of giant Texas tree roaches with a wiimote*Sounds like the makings of another Wii game... you know, like the old "Whack a Mole" ... :vlol:

Lara's home
09-02-08, 23:27
No cockroaches in Norway.
*Phew* :D

09-02-08, 23:48
Well that isnt so bad, you can play four player Mario Kart with them. :D

10-02-08, 00:09
Lol, this sounds really funny ! :vlol:

Before you buy a Wii, make sure you own this : ;)


ben croft
10-02-08, 00:11
Well that isnt so bad, you can play four player Mario Kart with them. :D


Sir Croft
10-02-08, 00:12

Soon, Nintendo will sell Wii with Raid bundled! :vlol:

10-02-08, 00:27
I have a wii =/

EDiT: 800 post! Wooooooot! :yah:

10-02-08, 00:43
Haha! Man, that's nasty! :D
I'm lucky I don't have a Wii (and don't want one) :)

10-02-08, 00:51
I really don't need another reason to not go out and buy a wii, but this just might seal the deal...except it's probably going to be bumped as a lie soon

10-02-08, 03:54
hey, you might actually do better at those fighting games if you concentrate on killing the cock roaches with the remote!!!

10-02-08, 03:57
:vlol: Another reason for me not to get one. :D

Soon, Nintendo will sell Wii with Raid bundled! :vlol:


10-02-08, 04:05
Since when did the Wii attract al of my teachers??!! just kidding :p

10-02-08, 04:22
Lmao! Poor Wii owners. :p

Thankfully we don't have any up here. :D

10-02-08, 04:24
LOL!! :vlol:

10-02-08, 09:52
I think they're a waste of time but..I also think cockroaches are kinda cute.

So, :).

Pooor Wii users who dont like the roaches.

10-02-08, 09:58
War of Coprofaghes :O

10-02-08, 10:00
War of Coprofaghes :O

Haha, I got that one! :p not sure many would, though :)