View Full Version : tomb raider 1,2,3 on vista?

11-02-08, 10:59
:hea:hi all ive just bought tomb raider 1,2,3 its from ebay the make of them is sold out can someone please tell me if it will work on vista and if it doesnt is there like a patch that will make it work please write back to tell mew

11-02-08, 11:07
2&3 will work with this patch:

TR1 needs Glidos I think. And that will cost you. But I'm not sure.

11-02-08, 11:19
To install TR1 under Vista use VDOS32 (http://www.vdos32.com) and Glidos (http://www.glidos.net) :)

As for TR2 & 3 follow the link posted above :tmb:

And welcome on TRF :wve:

Tomb Raider Master
11-02-08, 13:42
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11-02-08, 18:02
thanks tomb raiders it will arrive in 4 days i have downloaded the patches and ill try them thx again :D