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20-05-04, 17:57
What is the music that plays in the Laser Scene, Mansion Invasion Scene and The Train Escape Scene?.

Can It be streamed or downloaded? Oh and could You post HQ BioHazard and Resident Evil Logos (Movie)

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Mark Garcia
20-05-04, 18:10
I just can help you only with the logo, but you can only use it to make a poster for the second movie.

The logo: click here (http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/residentevilapocalypse/postercontest/assets/logo.jpg).
The poster contest: click here (http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/residentevilapocalypse/postercontest/).

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20-05-04, 22:49

Soma Holiday
21-05-04, 17:39
I love the music in that movie. Marylin Manson and that composer did a good job, especially on the theme.

Soma Holiday
21-05-04, 18:01
Here's a clip, but I don't know where you can download it.


It's number 18.

21-05-04, 19:03
Couldn't Agree More Soma, thx Guys