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25-08-03, 16:11

Freddy vs Jason" is an action-oriented horror film that will appeal to fans of both horror franchises but will be less interesting for those unfamiliar with these horror icons from the 1980s. While the acting is second rate and the plot is somewhat contrived, the film looks good and has some terrific fight sequences between Freddy and Jason.
It is the match-up that has been rumored and fantasized about by slasher film fans for years: the battle between the horror icons of the 1980s - Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. Fans have high expectations for the film that they hope will be realized this weekend when New Line Cinema releases the long awaited "Freddy vs. Jason". For the most part, the film should please these rabid fans.

The plot is fairly simple: Freddy has been forgotten about and can no longer haunt the dreams of Elm Street children because parents are drugging their kids with an experimental dream suppressant. Frustrated at his impotence, Freddy invades the dreams of Jason and tricks him into engaging in a killing rampage on Elm Street. The initial deaths are blamed on Freddy, and, in the chaos, he is able to invade dreams once again. Competing with Jason for Elm Street's young blood, Freddy becomes frustrated with his hockey-masked thug and thus, the battle of the monsters begins.

The teenagers in the story are relatively incidental - they serve the plot wherever necessary. Our heroine is the virginal Lori, played decently by Monica Keena. The other teens in the film are neither noteworthy nor completely awful, with the exception of Kelly Rowland, who gets some some of the script's good one-liners but delivers them abysmally. The film tries hard to focus the audience on the plight of Lori and her friends by keeping the Freddy and Jason appearances in reserve, letting them out to play only occasionally until the film's action-packed finale. This strategy works well enough and manages to build some suspense.

The real reason fans are clamoring to see this film is, of course, because of Freddy and Jason. Fans will not be disappointed - both are back in fine form and more faithful to their original incarnations than they have been in the latest sequels. Robert Englund proves he hasn't lost his touch and plays Freddy as faithfully as ever, carefully balancing evil and wit. Ken Kirzinger dons the hockey mask for the first time, and while he is built smaller than past Jasons, he is a good fit for the role.

The film gives fans two sequences where Jason and Freddy butt heads - once on Freddy's turf in the dream world, and the second at Jason's home of Crystal Lake. The fight sequences are shot and choreographed superbly and should live up to fans expectations. It was an intelligent move by New Line to hire director Ronny Yu, who has a background in Hong Kong action films. Thankfully, Yu doesn't employ any "Matrix"-style gimmicks and instead relies on the characters' personalities and weapons of choice (Jason's machete and Freddy's clawed glove) to dictate the action.

If you've never been a fan of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" or "Friday the 13th"" films, I doubt you will enjoy this merging of the two franchises. The film itself is much more action-oriented eye candy than horror, and with the exception of one or two sequences, it mostly fails in its attempts to actually terrify its audience. This limits its appeal to those who are familiar with the series, but for these fans, the film delivers the goods

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Man...this is gonna be sweet!!!!!

25-08-03, 19:24
Its only now your hearing of this? The movies already been released here in the U.S.

BTW, Freddy>Jason I forgot to also say that this movie is not for anybody with a weak stomach.

25-08-03, 19:50
Rules me out then I can not stand horror movies and the like I am to nervous a person.

25-08-03, 23:57
I went to see and left about 30 mins. through... There is too much gore and its just blah....

26-08-03, 05:58
The movie looks cool and iv heard its pretty good too. Does anyone know who wins in the final battle?..........i hope its Freddy!

26-08-03, 09:52
Great trailer :D
Wasn't really caring about this movie. But after seeing the trailer, makes me wanna buy it on DVD http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

Anyone got an Aus release date ??

26-08-03, 11:53
J. wins.... F. loses..

26-08-03, 13:12
Noooooooo how could this be!.....Freddy is so much cooler, and his movies are ACTUALLY good, the Friday the 13th series suck!

26-08-03, 14:57
I haven't seen the movie yet, but it's cool that Jason wins. I liked Jason better.

As far as the series goes for both of them, I think the first two were good for both of them. Then the movies got down right boring and predictable.

And when is there going to be a match between Mike Meyers, Jason and Freddy?

I suppose you don't want to do any trick-or-treating near Clear Lake Camp, eat all the candy and have bad dreams. :(

26-08-03, 16:27
Well,not much people know about the news freddy and jason killing each other.So,i might post it to remind some people here to watch the movie.Kill and bloodlust satisfy...