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21-05-04, 20:34
The Best of E3

By: Christiaan Allebest

Summary: We made the trek to the L.A. Convention Center last week to survey the video games of the future. After considerable legwork, we attempted to pick out the best of the best out of over 5,000 games and products on display.


One of the most popular genres with gamers and least popular with lawmakers is the First Person Shooter. Starting out with the running and gunning of titles like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, this maturing game type has fragmented into many sub-genres. We won't go into each individual genre here, but it is needless to say there are many, so we went to E3's floor looking for the one title, and runner-up, that would shine across them all.

Winner: Snowblind

For Best FPS of Show, we chose Snowblind. Kept under wraps until the first day of the show, this title has a level of depth that may have you looking for the Ski Patrol. With more weapons than you can shake a futuristic, gizmo-laden stick at, as well as some of the most creative alt fires we have ever seen, this title would give even Master Chief pause. Keep an eye out for more in-depth coverage on Tom's soon.


Runner-up: Half Life 2

We are expecting flak for this, but Half Life 2 came in as our very strong runner up. Unfortunately the unchecked river of time, code-theft and other strong recent releases (Far Cry as an example) have made a title that looked revolutionary and industry-changing now look awe-inspiring and spectacular. Yes, it still blows our minds, there just isn't as much left in our minds this late in the game. With Valve telling show-goers to look for it this fall, but still unwilling to let any but a select few have any keyboard and mouse time, it is getting harder to keep our chins up and not believe the conspiracy theories floating about the net.

Valve, we are rooting for you, but we want a little taste of the goods. We hear you in the kitchen baking, and we smell the homemade goodness, but if the cookies don't make an appearance soon, we are headed over to Johnny's. He says his Mom is walking snicker doodles to the table right now. When we get back we may be too full for your oatmeal raisins. We know we're lying to ourselves, but please hurry. It smells great.

Source: Tom's Hardware Guide (http://www.tomshardware.com/game/20040521/index.html)

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