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23-02-08, 23:18
okay, I kinda forgot to introduce myself to people!! i joined in January 2008!!:D for those of you that don't know me, my name's anthony!:D I'm 13 and from the United States!! I felt posting this because I felt I sorta just barged into the forums..:D I'm here to chat about tomb raider stuff and making new friends!! iv'e made some already... If anyone wanna chat w/ me...i'm open!! :wve:

P.S: the TR forums are way better than myspace!! myspace has freaks!!!:eek:

23-02-08, 23:28
lol, late welcome, Anthony! :wve: You already know me, though! ;)

Have fun here! :p

23-02-08, 23:34
No worry, lot of ppl forgot to introduce first, so welcome again :p.

23-02-08, 23:36
I forgot to introduce when i joined, i just started to post everywhere... When i found out that it was suposed to introduce ourselves, i introduced myself when i reached 100 posts.
Don't worry, as that happens a lot :)

Welcome once more, and have a nice stay :wve:

23-02-08, 23:38
thanks everyone!:D yea, almost everytime....people in open chat are like, "and you are..?"

Veronica Ma
23-02-08, 23:44
Oh, don't worry... I'm STILL too shy to introduce myself. :vlol:

Welcome, Anthony. :wve:

23-02-08, 23:56
Welcome! ;) and of course TRF is better than Myspace - anything is better than Myspace :wve:

24-02-08, 00:28
Welcome Anthony!! :hug:

24-02-08, 03:45
Hahaha...welcome to the forums!! Have fun! (you already are :D) :wve: ;)

24-02-08, 09:26
Welcome to the forums! lol :D

24-02-08, 09:27
welcome :wve:

I never introduced myself in this section, it happend in general chat

24-02-08, 09:28
A late welcome to our fun community Anthony. :D :wve:

Tina Croft
24-02-08, 10:51
hiya Anthony! :) nice to read something about you at last.

24-02-08, 11:04
To be honest, I never really thought introductions were all that important on forums... That's just me, though. I guess it's because the majority of intros are like "HELLO I'M NEW TO THE FORUM LOL KBYE!!!!! :wve:" which accomplishes nothing. But you made a good example of a decent intro, so, props. :rolleyes:

Okay yeah, I'm done rambling. :\

Welcome to TRF! I'll see ya around.

Alex Fly
24-02-08, 11:57
Welcome ! :wve:

Tomb Raider Master
24-02-08, 15:55
Enjoy your stay. :wve:

24-02-08, 20:26
Haha, welcome! :wve:

24-02-08, 20:29
Hi TR 4 LIFE.:wve: I spoke to you on Open Chat last night. Your cool:D

Legend Killer
25-02-08, 11:22
Welcome Anthony! :wve:

25-02-08, 13:49
Better late than never. Welcome to the forums! :D :wve: