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22-05-04, 11:32
My fav cat, Taz, wasn't on my bed or in his chair when I got up this am. He wasn't at the door to come in, so I started to get really worried.

My husband said he didn't remember seeing him last evening, & the last time I remembered seeing him was about 8 PM, & then I went to bed shortly therafter.

Turns out he was locked in the shed all night...hubby had locked it up not realizing he was in there.

Taz had knocked over a gas can, so the whole shed & Taz smell like gas, but he's fine. He ate a can of food like he hadn't seen food in about three weeks. :D

22-05-04, 11:36
awww glad to know your cats alright! :D

22-05-04, 13:38
Wow, what an amazing story Tazmine!

Glad Taz's all right. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

23-05-04, 00:01
This is my cat...he doesn't have a name yet though...


23-05-04, 00:11
Well, he's pretty groovy. :D (Oops, dating myself...again) :D

23-05-04, 02:20
hey tazmine is your cat okay hope he didn't walk in gasoline so your cat didn't get get any gasoline him
hope not.. well lease your cat okay