View Full Version : Virus????

27-08-03, 12:09
I found out that I have THREE :eek: viruses on my PC Bleah E (also know as Eco virus), and two ...Sobig.A worms (there was something 32 and W in front of the name,but I can't remember them). Does anyone know what to do, any experience? My F-Secure couldn't remove them. :(

27-08-03, 12:15
You need to contact your server, and/or Microsoft, if you know anyone who "cleans" dirty computers, go to them. You have a rough road ahead of you. I have McAfee Guardian, and McAfee Virus scan. Those who had Norton, got the viruses too. I know 9 people who got them, and it s##ked. Good luck!!!

27-08-03, 12:31
Thanks Sage! I think those viruses have something to do with my level editor crashing..... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif