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23-05-04, 04:50
Hmm, look at all these pretty trees and that beautiful waterfall and that mysterious statue with the mean frown. I bet they want me to step forward and walk to it. But I won't. I'm too smart to fall for that ol' trick. I'll walk to the left instead. Whoops, almost forgot to the check the ground. Never know when it could break away and let me fall into a row of spikes! Oh look over there, a boulder just waiting to roll if I pick up that shiny shotgun shell!. I just have to pick it up. Then I know it will roll. But which way to jump? I know...I'll jump to the right. No wait. Now I see another boulder over there too! Aha! Very sneaky!

Let's have a closer look at that statue. Hmm, it looks so real. It could come to life any second. Better be ready. But what kind of weapon to use? It'sa big brute so I'll use the shotgun. There's the diamond I need to pick up at last. I bet if I pick it up, the statue will come to life. (rumble noise). Statue wakes up. I press [SHIFT] by mistake and put away my shotgun instead of firing it! Oh no! Now all I can do is run to that ledge up there. I make it. Whew! close call. Statue man paces back and forth like lunatic down below...then goes away. But I'm afraid to come down from ledge. I know! I hang from the ledge to draw him out. It works, he went for it!. Now I take out my anti-tank rifle. Kablamm! Adios Seņor! Nos vemos otro dia!

Now I go back to where the statue was and see a trap door underneath where he was standing. Hmm...should I go down the trap door? Or should I first go into that cave over there? Or should I climb that rope? If I go down the trap door, maybe I can't get back up and I'll miss what is in the cave. Or maybe the trap door takes me to a tunnel which leads to the cave anyway! Or maybe the trap door just leads to a dead end with another health kit! Or maybe I should jump into that river. It looks safe. But maybe it has a strong current! Decisions, decisions....
Somebody else can decide for me and finish this MIND GAME!

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23-05-04, 08:26
Luved it http://img63.photobucket.com/albums/v191/no1inparticular/pointingupstairs.gif dudette.U really should get a special site for this lOl.Geniously thought of.

Reminds me of Good Ol' Raidering times........Sigh

23-05-04, 10:55
:D LOL wantafanta. I'd love to read more.

24-05-04, 01:40
...Who am I kidding??? We all know I HAVE to go down that hatch sooner or later and I can't stand it any longer. Down the hatch I go....
Gee it's dark down here. Lara looks left-up-right-and down. Nothing suspicous. But there are 4 statues in the center of the room. There were 5 before, but one is missing from the stand. Must have been junior! In the center is a golden monkey about 1 metre tall with wings . It looks like a statue.
Oh, now I see...these brutes are silent guards and I'm supposed to try to steal the monkey and then they wake up. Or maybe the monkey wakes up?
First I better look around the room for li'l treats in case there isn't time later. And first I'll look for a WAY OUT!
I try to climb back up the hatch but can't reach it. And all I could find was this one med-pack and I already have 12!!!!
So I jump around and do flips and climb behind the statues and shoot some guns but nothing happens! They don't wake up!
I walk around the room trying to push on every single square on the walls. They all have scary faces on them, but none of them is a door.
(After hours of searching and getting nowhere...suddenly something happens! Statue no.2 wakes up and comes after me. I see what happened... that funny tile on the floor was a pressure plate which activated the statue. Here he comes. Time to fire the shotgun. I can't believe it...I did it again! Put it away instead of firing. Why do I keep doing that? Quick..take it out again. Blam..click...blam...click...blam...click...blam! Finally junior falls over and part of the roof falls in dropping blocks that I can use to climb out of the room. But I still have to grab the monkey. I stand with it between me and the fallen blocks so I'll be ready to run straight for them when the "party" starts.
Got it! Here they come. Run Lara, run!...
To be continued

24-05-04, 01:55
memories... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/clown.gif

25-05-04, 10:42
Originally posted by wantafanta:
To be continuedYes, please?.