View Full Version : There's a ghost in my TV!

09-03-08, 10:18
Okay, well there isn't, but does anyone remember that show of ghost stories? There was this guy at a hotel and his TV had a face on it, even after he shut it off. :yik:

I've been trying to find a clip of that part, but I don't remember the name of the show. :pi:

09-03-08, 10:26
I've never heard of it, but it sounds cool.

09-03-08, 10:33
Yeah, they had other stories on it as well. There was one where a dude accidentally cut his leg off and bled to death before he could get help and showed up floating around in a supermarket.

09-03-08, 10:37
In these arms is reckoned an expert on ghost stories and haunting-based TV-programs ;) He might be able to help.

09-03-08, 10:39
Then he oughtta show up at this post anytime soon. :p

09-03-08, 11:57
well, only shows I know are Ghost Hunters and Scary but True (and a Haunting in.., but those are all reconstructions)

I also saw this show yesterday on Zone Reality. Some kind of woman with bright red hair, investigating haunted places in Britain. Can't remember the name of the show though.

09-03-08, 12:07
I remember that show and they said it's not fake