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28-08-03, 17:19
W97M.Ragaga.A is a simple macro virus that spreads to all the open documents and the Microsoft Word global template, Normal.dot

W97M.Ragaga.A infects all the open documents and the global template, if it has not already done so, on:

Office startup
Document creation
Document open
Document close
Office close

At activation, W97M.Ragaga.A will disable the Microsoft Office Macro Virus Protection, as well as display a message in Arabic.

W97M.Ragaga.A is contained in a macro module, named RadioIslamWay.

The string "RadioIslamWay" is contained within the virus.

To remove it..
Disable System Restore (Windows Me/XP).
Update the virus definitions.
Run a full system scan and repair all the files detected as W97M.Ragaga.A.
Reset the Office Macro Virus Protection to your preferred level.

Alrighty there,a simple virus..