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23-05-04, 21:36
For the past two, three weeks, we've been having the most violent weather that I can remember. And frequent too.

Right now, we're under a Flood Warning, Tornado Watch, and now a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.

This is all very irritating. My quartet was playing for a Wedding reception yesterday, when a tornado touched down not too far from there.

23-05-04, 23:57
Howdy neighbor!
Same thing here. One day it's 82 degrees F, the next day it is 50 degrees F. It pours rain, then it doesn't, then it does.
Sometimes Spring can be like this, but I don't remember it being so roller-coastery.
Probably has something to do with global warming. Can't wait to see "The Day After Tomorrow"!

24-05-04, 00:08
So the watch eventually was upgraded to a warning, and my mom rushed us off to the basement after the news had already said the storm was north of us. :rolleyes:

And another storm just rolled through here 20 minutes ago. It was torrential rain there for awhile. We're still under a tornado watch for 3 more hours.

There were two confirmed touchdowns in the area today.

24-05-04, 02:34
It was coming down in sheets just 2 days ago for 15 minutes, then it stopped. You couldn't see but 50 feet. It's been very humid. I can't dry my clothes at the window any more. Have to go to the laundromat and spend a quarter. I guess when the air is so sticky and a cold front moves in, something has to give.
Pretty soon I guess the warm fronts will push the cold fronts farther up north. I don't like hot weather, myself. Much prefer September or April to July/August.

24-05-04, 02:51
You're right Celli. Usually there is bad weather, from time to time. But not day after day after day.

There's been tornados touching down somewhere in Michigan for the past five days.

Some good news out of all this.....the lake levels are up. Just Lake Michigan alone is up 7 inches. 7!! That's alot of water considering how big Lake Michigan is.

24-05-04, 18:09
That's really great! :D Considering also that Lake Michigan connects directly with Huron. ;)

Flash flood warning again today.

Ambico, are you in SW Michigan? I can't remember where you're at. lol

24-05-04, 23:12
Sounds great...too bad here its boring and Sunny... :(

25-05-04, 02:53
It only gets better....

The city of Fosters is being evacuated because a dike on the Flint River broke and has started flooding the area. More rain is expected. I-75, a major highway between Michigan and Florida, was shut down outside of Bay City when signs of a sinkhole began to show. Several chunks of concrete had already cracked and fallen out when a 4-foot air pocket was discovered underneath the South-bound lanes.

25-05-04, 06:04
Celli http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif , yeah I'm in SW Michigan. Cereal City.

25-05-04, 19:37
Ahh, so how is the ole Creek these days? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

I guess there is some pretty severe flooding in Macomb county.