View Full Version : Civil Discussion: Euthanasia -For or Against?

Fugitive Lara
02-08-03, 22:17
Euthanasia, the act of killing someone painlessly, when he/she is suffering from incurable diseases and is in fact, tormented by it. People have been arguing about that point, of whether it is right or wrong. People who supported euthanasia claimed that it is better for those who are suffering to just die painlessly, instead of continuing to suffer, while the others believe it is wrong that one is to end his/her life, and in the process, implicate another person.

I think it's time to have a proper discussion. Please don't go off topic and try not to argue.

I personally think that if someone has a severe illness it is ok for them to chose wheter or not they want to die.

04-08-03, 03:23
More often than not, a patient with a terminal illness will die in a drug-induced stupor, not able to enjoy life, all the while sucking the life out of his/her's family's life savings. I have some experience in this area. Just not the "sucking the money out of the life savings" part.

My beloved Grandma, who for 80 years lived in her own home, taking care of herself and traveling numerous times a year, suddenly developed pancreatic cancer, a debilitating and often terminal illness. She was in the hospital for 2 months, then transported to a nursing home where she very slowly starved to death. She received drugs for pain, but was generally aware of her surroundings and "had her mind." She eventually died a mere shadow of her once healthy, vibrant self. She would have taken the painless option of euthanasia had it been available. My family wasnt there when she died, she died all alone and sad. If euthansia were available, she would have been surrounded by loving members of her family and huge bouquets of purple irises, her favorite flower. You can probably guess how I feel about euthansia.

04-08-03, 04:08
I don't think this is really the type of place to be talking about Euthanasia, especially when there is always the chance of people disagreeing and it getting way out of control.

Personally, I don't know what to think about Euthanasia. I've lived here in Michigan for too long and have had to hear much more than I liked to about Dr. Death himself, Dr. Jack Kavorkian.....