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29-08-03, 01:54
Hi everyone. I've got more questions for you.
How do you make an avatar? I'd kinda like to have one that is mine, even though I haven't the slightest what I'd put on it yet...There is this game called REZ. Does anyone know where I could find that at for a reasonable price? I'd really like answers to these because they've been crowding the space in my brain for a pretty long time now... :D

29-08-03, 02:38
To make an avatar you need a programme such as Adobe Photoshop. You need to size it at 48x48 pixels and save it as a GIF or JPEG and then finally email it to one of the moderators. Elen for instance. Once they've added it to the library you can select it and Bob's your uncle!

I think production of Rez has been discontinued. However as far as music games on PS2 go, I recommend the brilliant Gitaroo Man.