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24-05-04, 09:49
Do you know a site that does Greek to English translations? My superior at work really needs one. It's pretty urgent. He needs to decipher some creative writing for a student's corrupt disk on one of his evening courses, or something. An example here copy/pasted from word...

(Στέλλα Mηλίκα)

Kλείνουν τα μάτια από καημό
Kι ο νους περιπλανιέται
Ό,τι έχει αφήσει σκέφτεται
Σ ό,τι αγαπά γυρίζει
Σαν άνεμος στις φυλλωσιές
Που αντί να κλαίει σφυρίζει

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24-05-04, 13:16
The one I showed you the other time is here: http://dictionary.reference.com/translate/text.html

I made a test with the first line of this poem, but it didn't give a good translation. What is the full text?

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Everything's fine, thanks http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif