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tlr online
03-08-03, 12:32
Workers at a zoo in Germany have started making ice cream for apes as a special summer treat. At Hanover Zoo they are being given the cooling dessert made of fruit, sunflower seeds and raisins all frozen together in a 10-litre bucket.

A spokesperson for the zoo said: "The ice-cream is a special treat for the apes and it also keeps them cool. They are having a lot of fun eating it."

Zoo workers in Switzerland have discovered that bears also have a sweet tooth and have been feeding a specially made ice-cream to their two bears, Tuma and Inca, who they said have taken a real liking to it.

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03-08-03, 12:57
I wonder if they have a craving for "salties", potatoe chips, popcorn ect...

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Yes please. Heavy on the caffeine. It hurts to open my eyes. ;)

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I know that feeling ;) A couple shots of espresso should do the trick, or does the situation call for a direct I.V. drip? ;)

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On this occasion, intravenous sounds the preferred method of ingestion.

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www.itools.com (http://www.itools.com) ;)

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It has been added to my 'favorites' list, Where I am sure it will be put to frequent use.
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