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24-05-04, 10:10
okay guys here a shocker
jessica simpson's has beats britney spears
the role of dasiy duke .from.. www.imdb.com (http://www.imdb.com) news section
britney spear's hopes of landing the role of dasiy duke in
the forthcoming movie version of the duke of hazzard
have been dashed after bosses handed to jesscia simpson
while star britney spear's had express an interest in playing
the sexy character from '70s/'80s tv show.singer
jessica simpson's has been choosen as blonde who will fill
the extra-short shorts of the original daisy duke
catherine bach. simpson's mangerfather joe tell
america's star magazine"she is really excited."simpson herself add "I really wanna wear those short so bad!"
the film about three redneck cousins, two corrupt public offcials and souped up dodge charger car, begins production this summer.

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