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tlr online
03-08-03, 12:46
Eidos, one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, has unveiled a new identity and a fresh corporate image. The corporate re-branding will be used across the group worldwide from 1st August 2003.

Eidos, after a period of transition, believes it is vital that its brand keeps pace with the ever-changing requirements of the market place and technology. The new image conveys a forward looking, customer focused, market-smart publisher of entertainment software.

Mike McGarvey, ceo of Eidos comments: "The new look marks the success of a turnaround programme and the beginning of a new era to underline our commitment and ability to deliver great games. It also reflects a company that is raising the quality bar and aiming for consistency across all disciplines."

"The old Eidos identity was designed 10 years ago for a video compression company - not with consumers in mind. The new logo has a sharp, streamlined and focused look that is aimed at the customer. There was no point in changing the style before having successfully changed the substance. By embracing our new identity and mission - 'Committed to the Gameplay Experience' - Eidos will build a stronger brand and, in turn, a stronger business."

BexonWoodhouse, design consultants, created the new corporate identity.

03-08-03, 12:53
The old one was better!!!

I can see Eidos makes a huge turn. New design group for the next TR game, new corporate image...

tlr online
03-08-03, 13:09
Yeah.. but ropey isn't it...

03-08-03, 13:55
The new logo is the one in purple? I am using a different computer and it doesn't always display the graphics correctly.

03-08-03, 14:04
The color doesn't matter because you can see it in purple or white color depending on the backround. Most of the times though it's in purle. The new logo has a symbol (like arrow) on the right...

03-08-03, 15:00
Between Eidos's new logo and that of the Houston Rockets new(but ugly as hell) logo, I could tolerate the Houston Rockets logo.

04-08-03, 00:00
I heard that the new logo is supposed to be some sort of an eye. How you're supposed to get an eye out of that thing, I haven't a clue! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

tlr online
04-08-03, 00:03
I'm wondering if Eidos has lost the plot of late.

04-08-03, 00:06
I think Brexon Woodhouse will have a very quiet office...

Techno Notice
04-08-03, 16:41
A change of logo, and a rousing - but entirely non-sensical - PR handout aren't going to persuade the masses to buy any more Eidos games than they used to.

Its also not going to motivate the employees of Eidos (who would no doubt prefer pay-rises to achieve that), nor the shareholders who are looking at 33% drops in their share prices....and it certainly must make the boys at Core feel as happy as all hell to be part of the dysfunctional Eidos 'family'.

04-08-03, 16:49
Remember the old US Gold logo? Now that was really ugly ;)