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tlr online
24-05-04, 11:26
A document leaked to the Sunday Times and bearing all the hallmarks of a genuine Foreign Office memorandum has revealed the extent of British unease at American military operations in Iraq. It is very rare that such an extensive insight is available on such a crucial international issue. It will not please British diplomats to have their plans made public. The document, dated 19 May, is an assessment of the British strategy in the run-up to the handover of power on 30 June. It states: "The process is difficult and setbacks are to be expected. But we have a strategy to push progress forward."

The position outlined in the memo is at odds with the show of unity demonstrated again last month by Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George Bush at a joint press conference in Washington. Under pressure from Conservative leader Michael Howard to outline differences, Downing Street has said that airing these in public would "undermine troops' morale". The memo is critical of the American military approach. It says: "Heavy handed US military tactics in Falluja and Najaf some weeks ago have fuelled both Sunni and Shi'ite opposition to the coalition, and lost us much public support inside Iraq. "The US have learnt lessons from this and are generally proceeding more cautiously."

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24-05-04, 13:47
Both Bush and Blair are arrogant global abusers who need to be retired from office - if not put on trial. Bush is an embarrassment in the U.S. The Iraq escapade is a fiasco. How these crooks get into office is one of lifes great mysteries.

24-05-04, 14:10
I agree completely Wand. Couldn't have said that better myself. It's an appalling business is this whole thing.