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29-08-03, 20:26
hey everyone. wassup? Just thinking of buying Dark Cloud for Playstation2. Can anyone tell me what it's about and what the game play is like. How would you rate it for story and graphics? I'd appreciate any advice.

29-08-03, 21:57
I absolutely loved both DC and DC2! The graphics are outstanding, the gameplay is wonderful and there are really cool aspects to the game that will keep you busy for a long while.

If you have ever played Zelda, you will definitely love DC and DC2. In DC2, there is a really cool "inventing" aspect where you need to take pictures of different things to invent and then make certain things you will need. One word of advice, though, for DC2, make sure you invent all there is to invent regarding "Steve" or you wont be able to play the whole game. I dont want to give anything away. If you want to know, then post a reply.

Another cool thing besides fishing for points toward needed items, is the whole "rebuild the cities" part of the game. This is unique to DC and very cool.

The only downside I can think of is that the dungeons are not as creative as they are in Zelda, and they can get a bit repetitive. This does not detract from the game though! Electronic Gaming Monthly mag (best gaming mag) gave both games very high scores.

Basically, if you enjoy very involved adventure games that have great stories, characters and gameplay then by all means, run out and buy them and have fun!!

01-09-03, 20:44
Wow thanks alot Shandroid! You gave me all the info I needed. I love Zelda! How did you know!?! ;) well I will indeed give Dark Cloud a try. I haven't been able to find Dark CLoud one so I might have to just go straight to Dark Cloud two. Am I missing anything in doing that?

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01-09-03, 21:04
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I haven't been able to find Dark CLoud one so I might have to just go straight to Dark Cloud two. Am I missing anything in doing that?
Well, essentially, no. But the whole "building the cities thing" is about 300 times easier in DC 1. And I loved the other playable characters so much in the first one. I was able to name one after my kitty, Misha!

Where are you from, because it is no wonder you arent able to find DC under my bed!! ;) If you are from the US, you could try Best Buy or BestBuy.com, or Ebay or Half.com. Even if you live outside the US, you could try these places. To tell you the truth, you would miss out if you skipped the first one in my opinion. So try to find it!! Good luck, and if you just go buy DC2, thats ok, just keep looking for DC!

01-09-03, 23:27
I got darkcloud on my ps2 and i absoloutly love it!
it was one of my first ps2 games and over a year ive had it i still havent completeed it (i mean a 100 monster floor dungeon!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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02-09-03, 01:52
I had a long demo of Dark Cloud 1 and I really enjoyed it and played it to death.

Dark Cloud 2 comes out here in about a week and a half. I've preordered it and can't wait.

If you look at gamerankings.com you'll see that the critics LOVED Dark CLoud 2 and thought that Dark Cloud was generally 'okay'. So Dark Cloud 2 is the way to go, but I still recommend picking up the first one if you can track it down.