View Full Version : Buy a Hitman for a mere 4.99 UKP

tlr online
03-08-03, 12:47
Sold Out, the UK's premier publisher of affordable PC titles, is to bring fans of its 4.99 super-budget label one of the most ground-breaking and controversial games of recent years this September, as Eidos's hugely successful Hitman heads an incredible septet of new releases.

Hitman is a spectacular action title, within which the player takes control of the besuited, bald mercenary as he is given a number of missions to complete. Each calls upon a number of different skills from the Hitman, from infiltrating areas to using long-range weapons to take out targets from afar. The game is presented with some of the best graphics to grace the PC, with the free-roaming gameplay perfectly complemented by its detailed 3D stages and intuitive control system.

If being a contract killer isn't appealing, why not play God? Populous: The Beginning represents the pinnacle of EA/Bullfrog's legendary 'God' simulations, and gives the player control over a complete 3D game world. Initially beginning with a handful of worshippers, the player must aid their survival and ensure that rival factions are wiped out. As such, in addition to sending your acolytes to wipe out unbelievers, the player can also use their God-like powers to inflict earthquakes, storms and floods on anyone who dares worship a rival deity. Needless to say, though, that the rival factions are out to eradicate the player's worshippers, too!

Keeping with the EA/Bullfrog theme, Sold Out is also delighted to offer the Guildford-based developer's Dungeon Keeper 2 a super-budget premiere. Famed for its twisted humour and stunning graphics, the player oversees a sprawling dungeon complex and must ensure that everything in it runs smoothly - and painfully!

Soul Reaver 2, Shogun: Warlord Edition and Hostile Waters also form part of Sold Out's September range. Soul Reaver 2 is the latest in Eidos' vampire-themed arcade/adventures, while Shogun is a brilliant RTS set in feudal Japan. Hostile Waters is a more modern combat title, and is a 3D combat title originally released by Rage, and offers the player full control over a series of combat vehicles in a fight to the death.

September's septet is then rounded off with Superbike WC, a high-octane racing title and Incoming Forces, a fast-paced war title. They round off an enviable selection of titles, and all enjoyed great success at full price. As part of Sold Out's ever-growing range, each title is fully supported by Sold Out's revolutionary .Now installation and online support software.

Said Garry Williams, MD for Sold Out: "Just to release Hitman or Populous: The Beginning at such a price would please most budget publishers, but not Sold Out. With the addition of Soul Reaver 2, Shogun: Warlord Edition, Incoming Forces AND Hostile Waters, once again we show that nobody can match us when it comes to delivering the biggest titles at pocket money prices."