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Light a Flare
26-03-08, 11:33
Hi there,

In one of my wads, for some reason whenever I pick up an item, it makes the sound of a door opening??? :confused:. This only happens in one of my wads, all the others are normal. Has anyone heard of this bug before? Do you know how it can be solved? Please help! :)

Thanks alot,

Dr. Michaela
26-03-08, 12:48
I have had this bug before,it occured when i clicked on the sfx bat thing in the sounds/levelsfxcreator folder.When i picked an object it made the sound of a pushable object.Luckily i had a backup of my wad so i copied it back into the graphics/wads folder and then it was fine.

26-03-08, 14:57
I'm not an expert on sound issues, but there is a tool called Screamer that is "used as a corrective measure for wads with messed up sounds" (EssGee's tutorial on Site We're Not Allowed To Mention ;)) I'll see if I can find a download link. Oh, and I think that a careful installation is required.

EDIT: Ok, it's a bit of a long link, but . . . http://laraslevelbase.org/stuff/index.asp?Kat_1=tools&name=screamer&Beschreibung=&submit=search&id=%25

26-03-08, 15:29
You can try this tool

Light a Flare
26-03-08, 17:23

Thanks for the replies. I made a change of outfit which initiated this bug. If I return to the original wad, will the sound bug be gone?

Best Regards,