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29-08-03, 21:31
There was an article on the news about newsgroups pubishing transcripts of telephone calls made by victims of September 9th? Can somebody please tell me where is the logic in this? Why should something so tragic be made accessible on such a scale? My view is that this is totally gratuitous and obscene and should never have been allowed to happen.

29-08-03, 21:39
That does seem pretty odd... Haven't heard of it, but what would the use be?? There are more important things to deal with in thist world than publishing 911-calls for everyone to see... :confused:

29-08-03, 23:52
Even if someone asked me to listen to them, i dont think i would, it would be a bit disturbing listening to someone on the phone pleading for help and not wanting to die. A bit too much for me.

30-08-03, 04:07
It is actually pretty sick if you think about it. Everyone who reads these transcripts will know these are the last words of those who perished during the attack.

Of course, I can understand if family members want to view them (or listen to the tape) because it would contain the last words of their loved ones.

For those who aren't related to those who died in 9/11, there is really no need for them to view the transcripts (unless they are historians recording it for historical purposes).

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30-08-03, 16:47
The deads awaken...

30-08-03, 16:52
From a society that produced "Faces of Death" and then made it the most rented movie series in the world I'm not surprised.