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26-03-08, 20:26
I asked somebody about TREP and NG ever being compatible together, and they said it will never happen. I am new so I don't really understand, but will TREP and NGTR ever be comptiblable?

God Horus
26-03-08, 21:02
According to the TREP website, there are major chances it will be compatible soon. We will have to wait quite a while for it though :(

26-03-08, 21:09
I should imagine its only a matter of time before it will become compatible.
I guess these things have to be worked out by someone and I can only imagine they are very complicated and time consuming. Iam keeping my fingers crossed and keeping my eyes peeled :)

God Horus
26-03-08, 21:11
I pray to god they are compatible... Most of you know, Esse just never works for me, so when I just used NG for a second, Lara reflected fine using their script entries. But I cannot use NG because I will lose all of these great features of TREP. But I hope, one day they will work together :(

26-03-08, 21:54
I too am waiting for the 'Merge', but theres NO reason why they cant be used together OR become one single super patch, As soon as Ensi gets back into it im sure it will develop, even if.. god forbid.. Ensi never returns Palone can clearly see what TREP does (not to mention its open source) and just include everything TREP does into NGLE, it would be ashame to lose ensi as hes clearly Very good at what he does, It would be nice to know what Palones upto at the moment thou...

27-03-08, 00:17
Here is some information copied from the topic trle-community.net - http://trle-community.net/viewtopic.php?t=21441

I have my (long) to-do list, and where is the sentence "rewrite management of big textures in ngle because it's to slow" I added also "and change to support also 256x256 textures as default".

About this my list, I would like explain that, the many and useful suggestion I received in the past, have not been forgotten but they are waiting that I completed the first targets of my list.
Currently the sorting is:

1) Fix all more boring bugs of trng
2) Create new version for extended slots and sounds to work with new wad merger
3) Fix bug about quick-sand (it yet doesn't work) and full screen movies with fmv (sometimes, in full screen, the video screen goes back tomb screen)
4) Start to add the many little (easy but amazing) things suggested in last times.
5) Rewrite the big texture management of NGLE because too slow and support default 256 x 256 textures
6) Start to import many new objects from other tr adventures.

Currently I'm stepping to point 2) and after quicksand and fmv, I'll start to insert many other interesting features I have already in the mind about what and how realize them.

Question from QRS : 2) Will there be a way to fix the slowdown with many objects for this new engine? (You know the only bug you could not fix for the NGLE)
If you are speaking about NGLE (i.e. old winroomedit), I surely fix that bug.
That slowdown depends by my first management to support big textures.
At that time, I was already happy to do work them but the way to realize that target was technically a bit leak. Too cpu time used to check each texture and resize it.
Now I've another idea to have more speed and quality. It is the point number five of my list.

QRS : ..... Maybe that is for the future with some kind of TREP implementation?
I had tried to support trep but the expansion of trep overlapping features of trng get very difficultous this target.
I have an idea to create an SDK for trng to permit to all to add their code to trng in safety, all, and so also trep.
But this target is not yet in first points of my list.