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Dr. Michaela
27-03-08, 01:05
:)Hi guys

My favourite custom game is Himalayan mysteries by Titak.

27-03-08, 01:06
I am downloading it right now(Coincidence)!

Dr. Michaela
27-03-08, 01:10
Definately worth the download:)

27-03-08, 10:10
Moving :wve:

God Horus
27-03-08, 19:23
Yes, Himalayan Mysteries, (in my opinion) is the best TRLE level ever, and I have 10 GB of TRLE levels on my HDD.

27-03-08, 20:03
I tried playing Himalayan Mysteries, but my PC is too slow and I couldn't :(
I could hardly play the first level, and it was very nice (I only found boots and backpack)...
I still have it uploaded in my TRLE, so if I can make my PC go faster, I will give it another try...

27-03-08, 20:04
Yes, Himalayan Mysteries, is the best TRLE level ever

I agree! :D

27-03-08, 20:11
Himalayan Mysteries by Titak
Revenge of Osiris (group project)
Reign of Chaos (Alnwick by Horus)
Sanctuary of Souls by Piega
UUB3 and 4 by Richard Lawther
Jade Empire by Christoph
Land of the Rising Sun by Christoph
Egyptian Dream by MagPlus
Eternal Mysteries
Imprisoned Spirits
Last Saga 4 by Tomo
Ocean Moon by Richard Lawther
Sanctuary of Water, Ice, and Fire by Piega
Spring of Eternal Youty by Walrus
TTOTLSG by teme9
Wrath of Thor
TRSearch HQ
Baptism of Fire 2etc, etc, you get my point

27-03-08, 20:16
Yep - like everyone else - Himalayan Mysteries. Awesome game that really bought the fun back into raiding. Difficulty was perfect - hard enough to make you wonder 'What do I do now/where do I go now' but not so hard that it was frustrating to the end of the Earth. I also really enjoyed the TRSearch HQ Emergency one. Not as perfect as HM, but it had a wonderful charm about it.

27-03-08, 20:26
Exactly. Brung me back to classic raiding a lot more, and it has that excellent pace dosent it? Like...you know what to do, but there is suprises that make it both fun and interesting. Also what i love is that some wrong turns turn out to be the right ways. :D

Light a Flare
27-03-08, 20:39
Of course everyone's answer is going to be Himalayan Mysteries (includnig mine :D) but I really enjoyed "The Templar Archives" by Wasp.

27-03-08, 20:44
I liked one thing in HM

Something like :

"I can see it! But how i'll take it?!" :D

27-03-08, 21:02
but I really enjoyed "The Templar Archives" by Wasp.

that is a really good first level! :D :jmp:

God Horus
27-03-08, 21:41
I've seen Templar Archives but I never downloaded it. Almost all of the games in TRLE high score list rock

27-03-08, 21:45
I've been around the block with these.... Here are my favorites.

*Tomb Raider Revised - Dainoe Sidhe
*Himilayan Mysteries - Titak
*Flash Back - Gmac
*Underworld-Taking Care of Buisness - Richard Lawther & Friends
*Waterfall Valley-Part 1

27-03-08, 21:46
I absolutely adored Himalayan Misteries, definitely it offered gameplay and atmosphere that no other game had offered us lately. The caves beneath the Monastery left me speachless.

I also love levels by Trix, Aegean Legends and Dead Sea Scrolls are just great. I can't wait for her to release her last adventure.

The Unfinished Business series is amazing too, even though I haven't finished the 4th. I know Titak has had a lot to do with those. No wonder why I like them so much.

Neon God is truly a masterpiece, Horus is such a talented builder, and I also loved Natla's Hideout (the whole Reign of Chaos adventure was cool).

Piega's The Sanctuaries remind me of very good times, I played them when I was a newbie at custom raiding.
Oxy's levels are fun to play too, especially Frosty Mansion.

The only custom levelset I've player more than thrice is Legacy of the Gods, and it stands as my all-time favorite. Of course there are better designed levels out there, especially now NGLE is available, but it still remains as a true work of art for me, including the 2 bonus levelsets.

For serious raiding I like Jungle Ruins, I never thought jungle levels could be so fun and action packed. I had to play the 3 parts backwards, as I fell in love when I first played the third. I'm so looking forward to play the new game.

Last but not least, there's this levelset I truly enjoy playing every now and then, The Hidden Garden series. It might have not received high ratings (well, Obsidian Heights did) but it gives me a feeling of tranquility, it's such a weird thing to describe... lol

God Horus
27-03-08, 21:47
I've been around the block with these.... Here are my favorites.

*Tomb Raider Revised - Dainoe Sidhe
*Himilayan Mysteries - Titak
*Flash Back - Gmac
*Underworld-Taking Care of Buisness - Richard Lawther & Friends
*Waterfall Valley-Part 1

You just listed my top favourites out of all of them. I really liked Waterfall Valley, it made me feel like I was really playing TRA :D

27-03-08, 21:59
You just listed my top favourites out of all of them. I really liked Waterfall Valley, it made me feel like I was really playing TRA :D

Same here, they all feel just so nice. I love all of their feels, and vibes.

30-03-08, 22:12
My fav tomb raider custom game is:Neon God,DEFO:):):)

Ward Dragon
30-03-08, 22:25
I haven't played enough custom levels yet since I only recognize maybe half of the ones that have been mentioned here :o

So far, my top 3 favorites are the Lizard King/Underworld: Unfinished Business series, Himalayan Mysteries, and TR1 Revised. There are a lot of others that I've played and liked, and many that I would like if I played :D That's why I'm not going to try to list everything because I will definitely leave some out by accident that deserve to be on the list.

30-03-08, 22:27
My favourite TR Custom Levels are:
TRSearch HQ - Emergency! by The HQ Crews
Himalayan Mysteries by Titak
Jade Empire by [christoph]
Lara at the movies 2004
WaterFall Valley part1 by MrXy
SPC-Blood Mountain by Codo
UnderWorld Unfinished Business series by Richard Lawther and friends
And so many more...:D

BTW, welcome to the forums Hotshot1981!:wve:

30-03-08, 23:04
My favs of all time would have to be Waterfall Valley p.1 and TTOTLSG....
I loved Himalayan mysteries aswell but it wasnt nextgen trle enough....although the gameplay for it is far superior than any other level!!

30-03-08, 23:25
for me it was the amazing TRL pack Lara at the movies. Can't point out what it was but all the levels had ups and down but they completed each other very well, and bringed an experience better than TR5 (witch was good but not special) I watched the ending cutscene like 3 times and kept that music for myself to remember the great masterpiece it was.