View Full Version : Fexanim opens nothing....

27-03-08, 01:06
Like the title says...
It does absolutely open NO tr4-File.
It allways shows me an ERROR

---"5.1" is not a valid floating point value---

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

27-03-08, 22:17
Go to configuration (of windows). Go to date, time and languange options. Then notation of numbers. Next to your country press "adjust". Then change in the decimal field the "," into "."

I just translated from my windows version. It might be slightly different with yours if you have the English version. If you have the German version just translate. You should be able to find it. After that fexanim will work :)

27-03-08, 22:34
Thank you Piega!
Now it works....I would have never thought of that...:o

Again, thank you! :hug: