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27-03-08, 13:26
Welcome to the Modding Tips, Tricks and Tutorials thread. This is a thread for modders to share any tips that would make creating or running mods easier in either Tomb Raider: Legend or Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Let’s share our knowledge so that everyone can benefit from it. :)

Please use this thread to post:
Any tips that will make modding a particular outfit/level, or just modding in general, easier for other modders.
Any modding tricks or secrets that you have discovered and would like to share with others.
Any modded textures that you have made which others can use as well.
Tutorials for any aspect of modding (refer to rule no. 4 first!).
Tips for using Photoshop or other photo editors like Gimp.Rules:
Please post only modding related tips here.
Please do not post anything other than tips – any questions, requests, thanks, discussions, etc. can go in the Legend (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=77555) or Anniversary (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=95926) modding threads.
Please do not use this thread to show off your own or anyone else’s work – use the Showcase (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=81800) threads (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=108708) instead.
Do not post anything that is already present in the tutorials on Tomb Raider Hub (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/tr7/modding/index.html) or in this thread, unless you can add to it or simplify it significantly.
If you have posted a modding tip in any other thread, you can quote it or link to it here.
Do not take credit for other people’s work! If you post something that someone else originally discovered, please credit them.
If you want to post large textures or more than two textures in heavy formats like .tga, .bmp or .png, please post them as links.
Please remember: Any posts that do not follow the above rules will be deleted.

Lafa Cvoft
27-03-08, 17:21
1. How to make a new logo
You can use this one:
TRL.EXE_0xAE029F2A (http://s230.photobucket.com/albums/ee124/Lafa___Cvoft/?action=view&current=trl_logo_transparent.gif )

You should load this texture in photoshop ( for example) and to edit so, as you want! ;)

If you don't know, where can you get Photoshop:
Photoshop CS3 – full adobe version (http://www.adobe.com/ap/products/photoshop/photoshopextended/)
Photoshop CS3 – light version (http://rapidshare.com/files/65725077/CS3_EXTENDED.rar)

2. How to make a new font
It is very simple! At the beginning find the texture in game. Then start Photoshop and edit that texture so:
1. Use this picture, as background:
2. Now you should make layer for every letter.
3. Pasteurize the textures with letters and edit them to that format, as they on the background image!
4. Save picture and make a mod!
http://i047.radikal.ru/0803/01/fa7e390d0366t.jpg (http://radikal.ru/F/i047.radikal.ru/0803/01/fa7e390d0366.jpg.html)
Download link (http://tra.ucoz.ru/Font.tpf)

29-03-08, 06:05
Testing Mods

Modding is a process of trial and error. Here I will share with you my process for testing mods. Hopefully it will save you some time and headaches trying to line up textures perfectly. Thanks Mytly for teaching me how to streamline my streamlining process! lol

You will need:
- TexMod
- A image-editing program that can handle layers, e.g. Gimp, Photoshop
- A fairly fast computer(PC) that can handle running a game, TexMod, Photoshop/Gimp, and possibly a web-browser at the same time (to look up any textures/reference photos you may need)
- Be familiar with using the alt+tab buttons to switch between windows and programs
- Pay attention to what format you're saving your images in. If you forget to flatten your image before you save it, your image program might save it as a .psd or .xcf file instead of a .dds, etc. You won't see your changes if your image's file extension differs from the one written in your log file.


Step 1:
Log your textures and create a backup folder containing original, unmodified textures in case you mess up completely or need them for reference later.

Step 2: Open your image editing program and the texture(s) you'd like to change. Duplicate the texture as a new layer and/or create a transparent layer over the original texture. Just like when you create a digital painting, it is wise to keep each of your major changes in a different layer so you can easily change or delete something without losing all of your work.

Step 3: Use Mytly's tips for running your edited textures without creating a .tpf file (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=2604865&postcount=5)

Step 4: Press alt+tab to switch between the game and your image editor as needed. Keeping your image editor and all the textures you're working on open allows you to unflatten the layers to easily correct any mistakes.

Hopefully this tutorial will help you streamline your mod testing process. This will save you time you would have spent rebooting the game for each test or wishing you didn't have to start over on a texture to fix one tiny detail.

*If you want to continue work on your mod at another time, save the unflattened texture in a format that supports layers, like .psd for Photoshop or .xcf for Gimp, etc. That way you can open this file up at a later time, finish your changes, flatten and save it as the file the original texture was logged as.

Modding the Wet Texture

Here I will show you the secrets of the mysterious wet texture. With a few tricks you can turn that little brown square into something awesome. This tutorial is inspired by Zipper - one of the first (if not the first) modders to discover the abilities of the wet texture.

Step 1: Open TexMod and run the logging mode to begin extracting textures for your new mod.

Step 2: Choose a level/area with water nearby. Dunk Lara in the water and start scrolling through the textures with the + and - buttons to find it. You'll know you've found it when Lara's top or outfit looks like it has a clear pinkish-purplish shell. The texture itself will look like a tiny brown square in the upper-left corner of your screen. Close Texmod after this step.
*You might be wondering...Why does the wet texture turn that weird purple color when you select it, instead of turning green like other textures? It's actually a clue to how the texture works!

Step 3: Open the wet texture in your image editing program and resize it to at least 512x512 pixels, and increase the resolution to 300dpi or so (as long as it is higher than 72dpi, the texture's original resolution). Now the fun begins!

Step 4: If you are familiar with my testing process then these next steps will be easy. Make a transparent layer over your wet texture and write some random symbols/numbers/letters all over the transparent layer using a bright colors. Distribute these symbols/numbers/letters in a grid - this will become a map to help you place features on the wet texture.The more detailed you get, the more helpful your map will be. Flatten the layers and save the file under the same name and extension it was logged. Minimize the image editor, but do not close anything.
http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/9948/griddingthewetim4.th.jpg (http://img100.imageshack.us/my.php?image=griddingthewetim4.jpg)

Step 5: Follow Mytly's tip for using the DefFile feature to load your edited textures without creating a new .tpf (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=2604865&postcount=5), and dunk Lara in some water. You'll see your symbol-grid magically appear...
But the symbols are completely different colors! Why? It's because the wet texture inverses any colors you put on it. Any color you paint on the wet texture will appear as its opposite, or inverse, in the game - white becomes black, greens become reds/pinks, blues become oranges/yellows, and so on. I wrote the letters on the top of my grid in bright green, but the letters appear pink on the top of her shirt. We also see that for this particular outfit, the wet texture stops at the bottom of her shirt, then repeats itself separately on her shorts.

Step 6: Minimize the game or press alt+tab to go back to your desktop.Do not close the game or TexMod. Unflatten your texture and decrease the opacity of the grid layer. This way you can still see the grid to place your details, but it won't get in the way of your painting. Make a new transparent layer to paint your details on. I wanted to add some pink hearts to the top of her shirt and her shorts, so I just filled in the area above the grid where I had written in green letters. To make the hearts show up as pink in the game, I have to paint them the opposite color of pink (which is bright green) on the wet texture.
http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/8952/parttwozs2.th.jpg (http://img245.imageshack.us/my.php?image=parttwozs2.jpg)
When you are done painting the details you want, delete the grid layer or make it completely transparent. Flatten your layers together and save the texture under the same name and file extension as it was logged.
http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/8867/partthreeea4.th.jpg (http://img144.imageshack.us/my.php?image=partthreeea4.jpg)

Step 7: Use alt+tab or click on the minimized game window to bring it up again. Roll Lara through some water again and you'll see your results :)

*Modded wet textures work best on white or very light-colored outfits.

Lafa Cvoft
29-03-08, 08:09
Photoshopish tutorial
Recoloring texture
If you don't care about your texture, choose a new color and get brush with Opacity=50% or less and color your texture
If you care about it you can do:
Click Layer -> New Adjusment Layer -> Hue/Saturation and make that color, you want. Click Layer -> New Adjusment Layer -> Color Balance... and make that that color, you want
Click File -> Save as... and save into .PSD format. Double your background Layer ( with that color, that you wanr, or that texture, you wanted. You should have only one Layer). Then click Filter -> Filter Gallery -> Texture -> Texturizer. Find your saved texture and make Scaling=100% and Relief=that you want

Load Screens
Simple Load Scrrens.
Find textures in game.
Go to Photoshop and click Image -> Image size. Make it into 1024x768
Run game and make screen, you want or find screen in Internet ( or make it yourself)
Extract your image to load screen file

Survey load screen.Make the same as in Simple Load screens.
Start game with this mods:
Invisible Patch by zipper (http://tra.ucoz.ru/invisible.tpf )
Ultra No Blackouts for Menu and cut scenes by Lafa Cvoft (http://tra.ucoz.ru/43.tpf )
Make screens, that you want.
Extract this image to image file and save it.

31-03-08, 20:05
Creating a .tpf file everytime you make even a minor change to one of your modded textures can be quite annoying, especially if you, like me, like to keep checking how every change you make looks like in the game. But there is a simpler way, using TexMod’s Logging Mode. This is how it works:

Keep the files you have edited in your Out folder (i.e., the folder containing your TexMod.log file).
Start TexMod and go to Logging Mode. Make sure the field marked “DefFile” contains the path to your TexMod.log file (see the screenshot below).http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w116/Mytly/TexMod.gif
Click Run. You’ll see that your modded textures appear in the game, even though there is no .tpf, and you’re running Logging Mode not Package Mode.
Close/minimize the game, and go back to your Out folder. If you need to edit your files further, simply repeat these steps as many times as necessary. If not, then go to Package Build and build your .tpf. In short, you don’t need to create a .tpf until your mod is completely done. Make sure that you run your final .tpf once just to check it, though, just to be on the safe side.This simple and efficient method may be known to other modders too, but I decided to mention it after reading Quasimodo’s excellent post above – since she was trying to streamline the modding process, but included creating a .tpf at every step, I thought I should share this tip that streamlines the process even more. :wve:

Minty Mouth
01-04-08, 15:21
The Perfect Blonde Texture.

I know I have lots of trouble creating the perfect blonde texture, so you guys could well have too. I thought I would share this with you.


10-04-08, 14:54
Editing the dirt texture is quite easy, really. Some outfits don't have a dirt effect, like the dresses and bikinis. For all the other outfits, make Lara tumble around the floor until she gets good n' dirty, then scroll through the textures until the dirt turns bright green, and log the texture. In your image editing program, resize the dirt texture to at least 512x512 pixels, and place whatever picture you'd like to replace it with on top of it. When testing your dirt effect, you can use trial and error to find which places you'd like to keep transparent, e.g. over her face, and make that part invisible in the alpha layer.

right! :D -- the face is somewhere in the center of that thingy -
normaly the dirt is darkbrown and has a simple cloudy alphachannel

the blood patch
the extra dirt patch
the ice patch (in snow in ghana)
the fire patch (in ghost raider) and
the teminator patch
have some opaque parts and some transparent parts (black and white in alpha) :D
the feather patch
the graffiti patch
are the same - I think?!

(the higher the resolution the higher the quality of dirt... the ice patch with quite detailed frost pattern has 2048x2048 pix ;))

Quasi! I´ll combine our posts and put it in tutorial threat! okay? :hug:
:D ;)

C.C. 13
21-04-08, 20:17
Ok...sure you have noticed that good moded outfits look so realistic?
Thats because they replace the original textures with real stuff...don't understand me?
Take a look at this picture. (http://www.karentaylorskincare.com/images/Eyebrow2close.jpg)
Yes it's an eyebrow... and a real one. You can just copy it in photoshop (I say photoshop cos i use it and i think it is very good for moding) and put it on the right place! Change some colours and you're done!

Look at the pic below. by putting real eyes,hair,makeup from real people... she's beutiful! You can make it even better!
Just remember to be patient and search for many different images,until you find what u like! :D:D:D


Lara's #1 Pal
25-04-08, 01:58
For those of you who use microsoft paint.

I use paint, worst program ever. But luckilly i never do any big projects, i only recolour outfits. Heres how to make the classic blue top, red.

Step 1.Go into texmod and load the texture you want blah, blah, blah.

Step 2.Now open the picture in microsoft paint.

Step 3. Take the part of the texture you want, in this case the blue top, and press "cut."

Step 4. Open up microsoft publisher.

Step 5. Paste the texture.

Step 6. Right click and select "Format picture"

Step 7. You will see a button marked, "Recolour", press it.

Step 8. Click on the colour you want, Red, or go to custom colours.

NOTE: You will need to choose a darker version of the colour for it to look right.

Step 9. Click "Apply"

Step 10. Copy your recoloured image and paste it back into paint.

WARNING: The picture will be bigger than it was when you origionally cut it.

Step 11. Luckilly you pressed "cut" so you can see the size it was.

Step 12. Put it in place and press save.

Step 13. Put it into texmod and run the game.

Well done, you have sucessfully re-coloured a top, this also applys with any texture, you can have a green-skinned lara if you like.

Lafa Cvoft
02-05-08, 11:19
Making textures more beautiful
1. Open Texture
2. Use PS
3. You have such texture ( example):
Then click:
Image ->Adj. ->Autocontrast
4. If you use textures with black or white color/ skin, delete this colors from your detailed parts
5. Save image and enjoy :)

04-05-08, 19:31
tl's Paint.NET corner!
Keep checkin' here for Paint.NET tips and tricks!

Recoloring something in a simple way

1. Open up your texture.

2. Select the area you want to recolor with any of the select tools. You can also not select anything to recolor the whole image. You have three choices:

The rectangle select is the most easy to use. Selects square areas. However it's mostly only useful for small areas. (If you want to recolor a finger or something.)

The ellipse select makes a round select. Useful for eyes. :) Also, this select depends very much on where you click. You have to be pretty precise to get a perfect circle around an eye.

The lasso select is very advanced. You must be careful. I suggest not trying this until you get more precise with your mouse. Feel free to experiment with it if you like but I suggest backing up your texture before you try it. In case you mess up. ;)

3. When you've selected your area, click on the "Adjustments" dropdown menu. "Select Hue / Saturation..."

4. Here's a simple guide to the sliders:

Hue: Changes the color of the picture. You may get weird results if you're trying to recolor two textures together. (For example hair + skin selected in the same area. The skin may turn yellow and the hair may turn another weird color.)

Saturation: The colorfulness. Slide it all the way to the left for a black & white image. Slide it all the way to the right for a really strong color.

Lightness: Light or darkness. All the way to the left for a black image or all the way to the right for a white image. (Note: If you choose "Brightness / Contrast" from the "Adjustments" dropdown menu you may get better results if you're trying to get a brighter/darker image. Lightness is more "extreme.")

5. Make your choices, and then click OK!

Now you know how to recolor stuff in a simple way!

Making things invisible

1. Open up your texture.

2. Select the area you wanna make invisible using any of the tools explained in the previous tutorial.

3. Now choose the "Gradient Fill" tool.

4. In the tool menu. Click the red, green, blue and black square and select transparency mode. Note that you cannot make anything transparent in game with this. If you try, it's either totally invisible or totally visible.


5. Now, click WAY outside of the selected area. It should turn into a white/grey-checkered space.

Great! That means it's invisible! You're done!

Pasting images into your texture image

1. Open up your texture. :p

2. There's no need to select anything as the image you paste won't be confined to that particular space.

3. Go on and find your image you wanna paste. Save it if you haven't already.

4. Open your other image. Now select the whole image (Or a part of it.) and choose "Copy" from the "Edit" dropdown menu.

5. Now open up your texture again. Select the "Edit" dropdown menu and choose "Paste". It should appear somewhere on the texture image. You'll notice that it has a "box" around it and you can extend or minimize the texture by clicking and holding onto the small squares or circles on the "box" and dragging them. Keep in mind that it may look seriously ugly if you stretch it too much. You can also move the pasted image by simply placing your mouse right on top of it, click on it (And hold the mouse button.) and you can place it anywhere you like. Keep in mind that you can only manipulate the image this way as long as that "box" is there. If you accidentally remove it you can always "Undo" until the box pops up again.

Note that if you use an image that is transparent in some way you need to click "Paste in to New Layer" instead of "Paste" for the transparency to take effect. The "box" around the image still acts as a square though. When it saves it'll ask you if you want to "flatten" the image because you're using an image format that doesn't support "saving" layers. That means that next time you open the image the separate layer won't be there. It's for the best if you keep a backup in a format that has support for layers if you're unsure if you're done or not.

07-05-08, 20:16
How to make Lara's eyes follow you (the camera)
First discovered by the legendary Zipper!

First, color the original eye texture black.

Enlarge the shiny texture - this is the texture that makes it appear that light is shining on her eyeball - (when you log it, it looks like a black box with two or three white spots) a bit and put the eye texture on it, spreading the whites of the eyes to fill the box.
(Eye texture by Not Again!)

voila, flirty gaze :D

08-05-08, 16:13
Paint.NET Blush

First, Create a new layer, then choose the colour you want the blush to be and colour the area you want to place it, like I did here, I used he Biker No Jacket texture here, Im going to use pink:


Then go to Effects ---> blurs ----> gaussian blur and chooce what fits you best :) 90 gave me this result:


when youre happy with your result,, press Image ----> flatten

same thing goes to the eyeshadow, and many more things!!

How to get the "Round Lasso tool" fit perfectly to the eye

Just make a random cirkle around the eye with the Elipse tool


Then, choose the Move Selection Tool ( the white arrow) and just make the perfect cirkle moving the Squares:


Have fun!!

11-05-08, 22:01
Modding FAQ for the Absolute Beginner

Q: What program do I use to create and use mods?
A: There are two programs you can use to create and use mods: Tomb Ripper and TexMod. TexMod is the most popular and easy to use. You must use Tomb Ripper to run mods made with Tomb Ripper; you must use TexMod to run mods made with TexMod.

Follow this link (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/tr7/modding/index.html) to download a free copy of either program. TexMod is in the box to the right, Tomb Ripper is in the box to the left. You'll also find links in each for a basic tutorial to run each program.

Q: I downloaded an outfit and put it in Texmod/Tombripper to run it, but I can't find the outfit in the game!
A: There a few ways to troubleshoot this-

*You must unlock the outfits in the game before you can use the outfit mods you download. For example, you must unlock the Biker outfit before you can use a mod that replaces the Biker outfit. Either complete the game including all rewards and time trials, or download a savegame (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/saves.html) from the Hub.

*Make sure you're not trying to use a Tomb Raider Anniversary mod in Tomb Raider Legend, or vice versa. TRA mods will only work with the TRA game, TRL mods will only work with the TRL game.

Q: What can I do with TexMod/Tomb Ripper?
A: TexMod and Tomb Ripper can only change the textures in the game, not the meshes. For example, you can make Lara's hair blonde but you cannot make it longer or turn it into a mohawk.

You can:
-Change the color of a texture
-Make parts or all of a texture invisible

You cannot:
-Change the shape/form of the meshes of the game. You can't make Lara's hair any longer or turn her into a unicorn.

Q: What programs can I use to edit textures?
A: Almost any image editing program will work for editing textures. The best all-round program you can use is Photoshop. If you cannot afford Photoshop, there are free programs which will work just as well: The Gimp (http://www.gimp.org/) and Paint.NET (http://www.getpaint.net/) . Microsoft Paint will also allow you to make some basic texture edits, but it's trickier to make parts or all of a texture transparent.

11-05-08, 22:34
What format should my textures be in?
TexMod supports 9 formats, out of which the most popular are PNG, TGA, DDS, JPG and BMP. Whatever paint program you have, you should be able to work with at least one of these. They all have positive and negative points. Some of the characteristics of the three of these that I personally use:

PNG - supports transparency, file sizes not as large as BMP or TGA

DDS - supports transparency, file sizes very small, some types of textures are best logged in DDS format; but you need a plugin to make it work on Photoshop, saving DDS files is a bit complex

JPG – small file sizes; but does not support transparency

Tomb Ripper supports only DDS – if you want to make outfits for Tomb Ripper, you’ll need to download the DDS plugin and learn to work with DDS files. But if you only want to run Tomb Ripper outfits, there is no need to have the DDS plugin.

12-05-08, 08:01
Saving dds files can be quite tricky, because if you don't save your moddings in the correct size, Lara's lips might be somewhere on her chin etc, when running the game with the modded textures.
So I have made a list for some outfits of both TRA and TRL (including the ID's to find them in Tomb Ripper):

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Legend Outfit:

Face, ... :
333 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → 10

Lips, legs, eyes, ... :
334 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → 10

Hair :
336 – explicit alpha – Generate MIP maps → All

Hair 2 :
337 – explicit alpha – Generate MIP maps → All

Braid :
338 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → All

Clothes :
331 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → All

Anniversary Outfit:

Face, ... :
153 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → 10

Lips, legs, eyes, ... :
154 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → 10

Braid :
167 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → All

Hair :
156 – explicit alpha – Generate MIP maps → All

Belt (For Pistols) :
168 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → All

Shirt, ... :
151 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → All

Pants, ... :
152 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → All

Tomb Raider Legend

Swim Suit:

Body :
4507 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → All

Legend Outfit:

Hair :
144 – explicit alpha – Generate MIP maps → 1

152 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → 9

Body (eye, lips, legs, ...) :
147 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → 10

Face :
146 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → 10

Evening (Ripped):

Dress :
3657 – 1 bit alpha – No MIP maps

Purse, Panties :
3655 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → All

Body (Legs, arms, ...) :
3654 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → 10

Hair :
3653 – explicit alpha – Generate MIP maps → 1

Yeah, I know... not an outfit :p

Bolivia Level - Water:

Big Waterfall (down the mountain) :
20231 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → 8

Water (looks like the Ocean) :
20230 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → All

Water (moving / Waterfall) :
20228 – 1 bit alpha – Generate MIP maps → All

I hope this will help :o

Lafa Cvoft
19-05-08, 16:57
Invisible stroke .PNG in game
( only in PS)
1. Find Textures and make it into .PNG
2. Delete eveything you don't wanna see
3. Saving:
Save -> Save for Web... -> PNG 24
4. Choose your folder and save it :) And it works better

Making Net Texture
1. Open basic PAINT
2. Create a new file
3. Choose width of lines
4. Now you have to press SHIFT and make a line in 45 d.
5. Paint 2 lines
6. Use selection tool and press invisible button ( down of the window)
7. Replace This texture over all the oicture
8. Same as in 6
9. Click RMB and choose reverse
10. Net Made
11. If you wanna see some new variations, you have to resize in Paint this net texture.

Some ready textures:
and Net Chick ( UGR) net texture ( DON'T USE IT!)

Hope it is helpful :o :wve:

C.C. 13
28-05-08, 19:51
How to make a perfect outfit,skin,makeup,gear...with PHOTOSHOP
Solution for all Modders with little problems!
By C. C. 13

Ok...Now you are wondering how is this stupid post going to help you...
Actually,It's not stupid,I would rather call it U.S.E.F.U.L.And I hope many of you will after you read it.
I decided to write down the things that most bothered me and my friends...:)

1. I am a beginner,what now?

The first thing you MUST do is slow down!
Try editing an outfit for start,it is easier somehow...or just the hair,gear...don't start with a level mod,besides-it's not that interesting!!!

a)This is the first step. You're here now,you have everything you need - texmod or tombripper (personaly I use texmod) and photoshop.
This is your first mod so you won't experiment much and you'll just make a simple color change.
You have many options,either to use the Color Balance or Hue/Saturation option. Now I am going to edit the color with the color balance.
Go to Image/Adjust/Color Balance... and asjust the colors. Of course,you can select the area you want to adjust.
It should look something like this:


If you change the Brightness/Contrast option by going to Image/Adjust/Brightness and Contrast you'll get a better effect! Try...

Save it and test it either using texmod or tombripper...You can always come back and edit the colors! :)

b) Try doing something more difficult,but actually easy. Let's add some good quality pictures to your texture!
Search for jeans pictures in google picture browser.
When you find what you want,make sure it's high quality or your texture won't be so good...:o To be honest,It'll be ugly...:p
For example,I used this:

You will have to fix and rotate some parts of the jeans,that's what I did,and this is the IN-GAME result:


You can add some lines in yellow,pink,white or any other color that is a good contrast to your jeans color.
Also,try sharpening your texture (remember that it won't turn out so good sometimes,but can help)

2. HELP? How to change the skin color and make a good makeup,eyebrows,lips and face texture?!!!!!!!

Well,the only way I know so far is to either use the Hue/Saturate option,adjust brightness,contrast or make a new layer,paint it in eg. brown and change the layer opacity to 60% or 50%....

There is one more way to edit your face and make a good skin!

Lets make Adriana Lima eyebrows and makeup!
For a good mod,you will use a face that looks strait at you-this way it will be easier to make a face skin.


Now,I changed the color of my face texture so now it is brown. Just to tell you so you don't get confused.
First,we will make the eye makeup and eyebrow.

Paste the Adriana Lima eyebrow and eye into your texture image.


Change the layer opacity/B] to 50% so you can see where will you put the layer.


Now change the [B]layer opacity to 100%.
Use History Brush tool and delete some parts you don't need.


Now,save it. Go to file,save as and replace it with the original texture.
Build with texmod and this is how it looks in the game:


You can do even more: change the lips,nose,ears and the whole face texture!
But,it is more difficult.


If you are using a dark skin such as I used in the above pictures,paint the nose in white! But not the whole nose! Just the one line(see example in above image) .And before painting,change the brush opacity to 20% or 30% .

More to come soon!

Tomb Raider Master
21-07-08, 18:31
Extracting and Editing Models (part 1)
by badboy70


1. Getting started and extraction (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=2878238&postcount=1)

1.1 : The tools needed
1.2 : Explanation of 2 methods in 10 steps
1.3 : Questions ? Answered here

(http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=2878340&postcount=2) 2. Importing in your Editing software (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=2878340&postcount=2)

2.1 : Files
2.2.1 : 3DS Max
2.2.2 : Meta
2.3 : Questions ? Answered here.

3. Editing files (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=2878581&postcount=3)

3.1.1 : 3DSMax : Meshes
3.1.2 : 3DSMax : Biped model
3.2 : Meta
3.3: Textures
3.4 : Questions ? Answered here.

4. Editing In-Game Files (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=2879047&postcount=4)

4.1 : Textures
4.2 : Cheats, Trainers and Hacks and references

5. Credits (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=2879110&postcount=5)

6. Questions (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=2879122&postcount=6)
(organized per chapter)

*will be updated when new parts appear*

1. Getting started and extraction

1.1: The tools needed
Before you download, have a look at both methods and see which one you find easiest.

method 1 :
trltool (http://darkfader.net/misc/files/trltool.zip)
Graverobber (http://turvy.dommel.be/TRL/GraveRobber.rar)

method 2 ( 3DS MAX RECOMMENDED ! ) :
3DRipperDX (http://www.deep-shadows.com/hax/downloads/3DRipperDXSetup.exe)
1.2 : Explanation of 2 methods in 10 steps
I recommend using the second method because you'll know what you get.

Method 1

Before you start, you must know that you'll have to retexture it all. I'd only use this method if you only need the objects.

*note : I'm using trltool because it has proper filenamesThis method is fairly easy and doesn't require runing the game.
1. Run trltool and select the game you want to extract from.


I'm going to use Legend since that filelist is more complete.

2. I'm going for evening Lara.


The Hash code is next to the star; if you want to use the same one you can look for that code to find it easier.

Drag and drop the file in a folder.

3. Now run Graverobber
4. Press "Open..." and locate your file. Open it
5. Now we have a list of files with many "unkown" as extension.
6. You can preview "trltex" and "trlmodel"
7. Select all "trltex" and "trlmodel" to be safe
8. There are 3 "tlrmodel"s, I'm going to use the first one; this is the one before the fight. Mind that her clothes will not be there.

*note if you only want the model, and not the textures you can only tick the preferred model. Or vice versa.
Don't forget to preview ( right click --> preview ) if you want only one or a couple of things !

9. Now they're all ticked right click and select "Extract and convert"

The files will be put in the folder where you've originally put the file that you extracted with trltool.

If all goes well you should see this in the left corner


10. You'll get an OBJ and many TGA files. Of course, the OBJ files is the model itself. Congratulations ! You've now extracted a model.

Method 21. ( Install the application and ) run it.
2. Select the game and folders where to put the extracted files.
3. Make sure that
-You've selected the game exe

Legend : C:\Program Files\Tomb Raider - Legend\trl.exe
Anniversary : C:\Program Files\Tomb Raider - Anniversary\tra.exe

- You know the capture key
- You've ticked the four boxes on the right
- You've specified the 3 output directories

I'm using Anniversary.


4. Press "Launch"
This will run the game.
5. Once it runs there should be "Ready to capture" in your top left corner.
6. Load the desired level and outfit.
7. What's on the screen is what will be saved, that means that Lara and the scenery will be saved into an editable file.


8. Once ready, press the Capture key ( for me it was F12 )
9. There will be read text above "Ready to capture" telling you what it's doing. Wait till no more red text appears.
10. Done ! You can close the game. The files have been extracted to the folder you wanted.
*note: what's in the folders ?
Frames = 3DR, MTL, OBJ
Shaders = PSH, VSH
Textures = DDS

Tomb Raider Master
21-07-08, 18:33
Extracting and Editing Models (part 2)
by badboy70

2. Importing in your Editing software

2.1 : Files
For now, it's best not to move the files.
For the 3DRipperDX files, I recommend using 3DS Max. Because you can simple open the 3DR file which is fully textured.

2.2.1 : 3DS Max

If you used method 1: Open the OBJ file

If you used method 2 : Open the 3DR file
OBJ is untextured.

1. Got to file --> Import
2. Go to the folder where you saved the files (find the Frames folder )
3. Select the file and open (.3DR )

*note : Don't use the MTL file, they are only strange spheres ( for me, that is )

2.2.2 : Meta

If you used method 1: Open the OBJ file

If you used method 2 : Open the OBJ file

*note : it will NOT be textured when using the OBJ file
*note : Don't use the MTL file, they are only strange spheres ( for me, that is )

Tomb Raider Master
21-07-08, 18:34
Extracting and Editing Models (part 3)
by badboy70

3. Editing files

3.1.1 : 3DSMax : Meshes

*note : I'll use Lara here. I've deleted the other vertex so I only have Lara left.
1. This is my Lara. I extracted it from the title screen using Method 2.

2. If you have a model that can't be edited you can change that by right-clicking -->Convert to: -->Convert to Editable Poly

3. Now you should get this on your right

Now you're able to edit your model.

3.1.2 : 3DSMax : Biped model

First of all, what is a biped model ?
It's a thing that represents the bones of a mesh. If you move a bone, the skin will move too. This is used if you want to easily change Lara's movement and for animating.
Well it's easy once it's done.

1. Go to Create --> Systems --> Biped
2. Start off from her foot in the Front Viewport. Then drag until it's approx the same size of Lara.


3. Now position it in Lara.
*note if Lara axist out of multiple parts, you can right click a part and click on Attach, then select a different part. Do that for all parts until you have one object.
Tools :

Mine ain't perfect, but you get the point.


4. When you've done that select Lara.
5. Then in "Modify" (acces it by pressing on the bended blue thing on your left ) press on "Modifier List" and add "Physique".
6. Now press on the icon with the guy and a heart.
Then go to "Select by Name --> Bip01 --> Pick --> Initialize

Now Lara is attached to the bip.
But it ain't perfect !

7.Press "envelope"
Edit it until it fits perfectly around the selected bodypart. You can select a bone by simply clicking it until an envelope appears around it

http://img381.imageshack.us/img381/2929/19qd3.jpgWhen it all fits; leave envelope mode (click somewhere like on Physique or Editable Poly ) and try moving the bones.
If it all follows properly, you can do the next bone, if it doesn't keep working on it.

It's a hard but rewarding thing :)

3.2 : Meta
Well, nothing to explain here. Open your file and start editing :)

3.3: Textures
Some formats are in DDS. you can use this tool to convert them to editable images and vice versa.

DDS Converter (http://www.dsabstraction.com/ddsconverter.rar)

Edit and save them as you wish, but don't change the location ;)

Tomb Raider Master
21-07-08, 18:35
Extracting and Editing Models (part 4)
by badboy70

4. Editing In-Game Files

4.1.1 : Tools for Textures
Method 1 : Texmod
Texmod (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/tr7/modding/texmod/download/texmod.zip)

Method 2 : Tomb Ripper
Tomb Ripper (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/tr7/modding/download/tombripper.zip)

4.1.2 Editing textures and how to use the programs

Method 1 : For this I'll refer you to the tutorial on TRHub (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/tr7/modding/texmod/tutorial.html)

Method 2 : For this I'll refer you to the tutorial on TRHub (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/tr7/modding/tutorial.html)

4.2 : Cheats, Trainers and Hacks and references
Cheats : Can be found on http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/

Trainers : Can be found on http://gamecopyworld.com/

Hacks :
- TRLFly
Game Version 1.0 (http://rapidshare.com/files/36740688/TRLFly.exe)
Game Version 1.2 (http://rapidshare.com/files/50557779/TRLFly.exe)
Press F11 to enter Flight Mode, use 1 and 2 to raise and lower Lara. You can run on thin air.

- TRAFly (for this, go to C:\Program Files\Tomb Raider - Anniversary and check the size of your tra.exe ; then download the right version )
4.58 MB, 8.93 MB and Steam (http://www.speedyshare.com/735684616.html)
19 MB (http://www.speedyshare.com/446749439.html)
Demo (http://www.speedyshare.com/458228454.html)
Press F11 to enter Flight Mode, use 1 and 2 to raise and lower Lara. You can run on thin air.

- Debug Menus (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=99237)

- TRALoader (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=1901984&postcount=5)

Tomb Raider Master
26-07-08, 13:59
Extracting and Editing Models (part 5)
by badboy90

5. Sound and Music
5.1 : Extracting
1. Open trltool and select the game you want to extract from
2. Click on all fileypes on the file except for "Multiplexed"
*note : Multiplexed = .mul
3. Now drag and drop the file you want in a folder.
4. It'll automatically be converted into a .WAV and .SMI file.

5.2 : Note on files
I noticed that Realplayer doesn't play the WAV nor the SMI file.
Windows Media Player does work.
So far I haven't found a method to reconvert te files to .MUL.

Tomb Raider Master
17-08-08, 20:40
Modding Classic TR Games
by badboy70

6. Classic Tomb Raiders (not TRLE )

6.1 : Changing textures
This was designed for Tomb Raider 2


6.1.1 : Tools needed

Download folder with those files (http://www.savefile.com/projects/808671112)

6.1.2 : Extracting Textures
In this part we'll need Texdump (http://www.savefile.com/files/1707320).
1. Make a folder called "textures" ( leave " " away ) in the main folder.
2. Make a folder called "texdump" ( leave " " away ) in the main folder.
3. Now extract the files from the downloaded archive
(dump.dll, loader.exe, loader.ini )
4. In the folder "textures" creat a file calle config.cfg
( You can make a new wordpad document and change the extenstion to cfg )
*note if you can't view the extension go to : Extra --> Folderoptions --> View. Then untick the box next to "Hide extension for known filetypes" or something similair.
5. Now you should have this :


6. Open the loader.ini file in the "texdump" folder.
This is how it looks like when you download it :
Now we need to change the path of our game ( the installation folder )
In my case it's "M:\Program Files\Core Design\Tomb Raider II\" ( see above )
This means I have to edit it like this :
* note : don't forgot on the last line to add texdump\
Don't forget to add "\" ( without " " ) before TOMB2.exe
and dump.dll

And we're done with that part, make sure you didn't forger anything.

7. Run "loader.exe"
8. When you've reached the main menu press F1
9. Now load the level where you want to extract the textures from.
10. The textures will be saved in Tomb Raider 2's main folder.

6.1.3 : Editing textures


You'll need Gimp (http://downloads.sourceforge.net/gimp-win/gimp-2.4.6-i686-setup.exe)to open and save your files properly.
First open Gimp and open an extracted texture. Then go to File --> Save as --> Save
If it ask to replace, do so. Then click on the radio button next to A8 R8 G8 B8.
This will enable you to edit it in the image editing software you prefer.


When you've finished editing, save it and open the texture again with GIMP. Follow the same steps BUT instead of A8 R8 G8 B8 click on the radio button next to A1 R5 G5 B5.
If it's greyed out, go back to the image and add an alpha channel ( Layers --> transparency --> add alpha channel )
Save. Now Tomb Raider II will be able to read it.

6.1.4 : Importing textures
You'll need Tr2Hook (http://www.savefile.com/files/1702580) and Gimp. (http://downloads.sourceforge.net/gimp-win/gimp-2.4.6-i686-setup.exe)

If you've done 6.1.3 until the end, skip this *...* part.

Import your edited texture(s) in GIMP now:
file --> Save as --> Save (--> overwrite, if asked) --> now click on the radio button next to A1 R5 G5 B5.
If it's greyed out, go back to the image and add an alpha channel ( Layers --> transparency --> add alpha channel )
Save. Now Tomb Raider II will be able to read it.


Okay, remember the config.cfg file you made in the first step ?
We're going to edit this now. ( it was in the "textures" folder )
First of all, make sure you haven't changed the filenames, otherwise you'll have to extract them again and rename your edited texture.

1. Move all of your edited textures into the "textures" folder
2. Open config.cfg
3. Now, as an example my file is called 7d78c40.bmp
4. So now we add this line to config.cfg

7d78c40 = 7d78c40.bmp

* note : it's like this --> filename-without-.bmp = filename-with-.bmp

* note : you can also use subfolders.
Let's say you have Tomb Raider II\textures\my_textures
Then the filename-with-.bmp becomes my_textures\7d78c40.bmp

final result :

7d78c40 = my_textures\7d78c40.bmp

*note you can change the filename now but the change the code !
Let's say we change it to HomeLevelTest.bmp, and the code is 7d78c40.
Then we get :
7d78c40 = HomeLevelTest.bmp


7d78c40 = my_textures\HomeLevelTest.bmp

I advice you to make a copy of all the textures WITH original filenames, you never know you make a mistake somewhere.

Do this for every changed texture you want to replace in-game.
Save config.cfg

5. Make a new folder called "tr2hook" ( without " " ) in the main folder.
6. Extract loader.exe and tr2hook.dll from the archive you downloaded (tr2hook). (http://www.savefile.com/files/1702580)
7. Copy the loader.ini file in the "texdump" folder to the "tr2hook" folder. DO NOT MOVE IT FROM THE TEXDUMP FOLDER, SINCE YOU NEED IT IN BOTH FOLDERS.
8. Open the loader.ini file in the tr2hook folder.
Remember we edited it in 6.1.2 ?
This is how it looked like for me.

Now change texdump into tr2hook
and dump.dll into tr2hook.dll

It should look like this now :

9. Now run loader.exe from the tr2hook folder and load the level you edited, if all goes well your textures should be there.


08-11-08, 13:28
TUTORIAL: Next-Gen Modding – Ambient Occlusion and Normal Maps.
by Sir Croft

As some modders still don't know how to work with ambient occlusion and normal maps, I decided to make a small basic tutorial. Hope you understand it! :D

Required Plug-ins:

NVIDIA Normal Map filter for Photoshop (http://developer.nvidia.com/object/photoshop_dds_plugins.html#downloads) or:
Normal Map Filter for GIMP (http://nifelheim.dyndns.org/%7Ecocidius/normalmap/#download)

Part 1.1 - Understanding The Ambient Occlusion Maps.

Ambient occlusion is a shading method used in 3D computer graphics which helps add realism to local reflection models by taking into account attenuation of light due to occlusion. Unlike local methods like Phong shading, ambient occlusion is a global method, meaning the illumination at each point is a function of other geometry in the scene. However, it is a very crude approximation to full global illumination. The soft appearance achieved by ambient occlusion alone is similar to the way an object appears on an overcast day.

Ambient occlusion is most often calculated by casting rays in every direction from the surface. Rays which reach the background or “sky” increase the brightness of the surface, whereas a ray which hits any other object contributes no illumination. As a result, points surrounded by a large amount of geometry are rendered dark, whereas points with little geometry on the visible hemisphere appear light.

Part 1.2 – Making an Ambient Occlusion Map

After understanding the basics of the ambient occlusion map, it’s self-explanatory how to make one.
On the shirt, the black areas represent places where light is completely occluded due to, for example, the backpack and its strap. The gray areas are partial light occulsion, like the wrinkles and under the chest area. White is for areas with no light occulsion.

Let’s take this occlusion map extracted from Underworld as an example:


The smaller wrinkles on the bottom of the shirt are lighter than the ones near the breast area of the shirt, that’s because that area is partially covered, therefore receives less lighting.


Part 2.1 – Understanding The Normal Maps

While bump mapping perturbs the existing normal (the way the surface is facing) of a model, normal mapping replaces the normal entirely. Like bump mapping, it is used to add details to shading without using more polygons. But where a bump map is usually calculated based on a single-channel (interpreted as grayscale) image, the source for the normals in normal mapping is usually a multichannel image (x, y and z channels) derived from a set of more detailed versions of the objects. The values of each channel usually represent the xyz coordinates of the normal in the point corresponding to that texel.


Now let’s get to the interesting part. :D

Part 2.2 – Making Normal Maps

They’re easier to make than the bump maps, but only because there’s a plug-in for this purpose, making it manually is much harder and would take much more time.
The plug-in is available for Adobe Photoshop (http://developer.nvidia.com/object/photoshop_dds_plugins.html#downloads) and GIMP (http://nifelheim.dyndns.org/%7Ecocidius/normalmap/#download).

To make a normal map based upon a texture, just open the texture you want to “bump”. I’ll use the texture of my Cheerleader mod.


As I’ve never used this plug-in on GIMP, I can’t say the menu for the plug-in. If anyone knows it, tell me and I’ll edit this post.

On Photoshop, go to Filters>NVIDIA Tools>Normal Map Filters.



I’ll explain the most important features of the tool.

Scale: Increases and decreases the depth of the details.
Height Source: I recommend leave it as Average RGB, but you can try the other options as well.
Filter Type: 4 sample goes for more aliased details and 9x9 for smoother details.
3D View: Previews the normal map effects, I recommend enabling Animate Light for better view.
3D View Options:

Decal Texture […]: Click the “…” to pick a decal texture to be used in the 3D View.
Animate Light: Will animate a lighting effect in different directions for a better view of the details
Use Decal Texture: Enable this to view the texture under the normal map effect on the 3D View window. This way you can see how the texture may look when affected by the map.

It’s pretty much all you need to start making normal maps, it’s important to try different settings on different situations in order to get better results.

NOTE: I haven’t spotted difference between the purple-ish normal map generated by the plug-in and used in Legend and the greenish one used in Underworld yet. So there might be no problems if you use purple-ish maps in Underworld. But you can just change the color if you will.



Suggestions are appreciated! :D

INTROS AND PICS FROM WIKIPEDIA.[1] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normal_mapping)[2] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambient_occlusion)

Thanks to jacobS for correcting me when I thought the AO Maps were Bump Maps. ;)

Marvyn Android
15-11-08, 11:28
These tips are very helpful for modding, especially when you want to take screenshots of your outfits in particular locations. Both tips were originally posted by fleet.

Legend (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=1947313&postcount=2957)

Playing the bikini in all levels of TR Legend, regardless of how far you have progressed.
Note: this works in all levels, except you have to die in the Japan level for it to work there. Also, it doesn’t work in some cut scenes. NOTE THAT YOU HAVE TO HAVE NEXT GEN GRAPHICS TURNED OFF, AND BE RUNNING VERSION 1.2 OF TR Legend.

Locate the drive where you have Tomb Raider Legend installed.
Create the following folder in that drive: Tr7
In the tr7 folder, create another folder: game
In the game folder, create a folder named pc. If your game is on the C: drive, the full path should be C:\tr7\game\pc
In the pc folder, use Notepad to create a text file with one line: -PLAYER lara_bikini
Save the file as tr7.arg, then start the game in a normal manner.
Rename the tr7.arg file to something else when you get tired of it.

This works for all the other in game outfits:

-PLAYER <playerName>
where <playername> values are



In a post I can not longer find, Ize said you can directly play with ANY costume in the game no matter if you unlocked it or not by using a command line switch
here's how:

Create the following folder structure on the drive you installed anniversary on: (Example shows if you installed on C: Drive)
Inside create a text file named: TRAE.arg
Then write: -PLAYER lara_wetsuit
Into that file or any of the following costume names:

lara_classic --- REALLY Classic Costume
lara_natla --- slightly burned natla
lara_sport --- training outfit
lara_aod --- army outfit
lara_legend --- legend outfit
lara_wetsuit --- neopren suit
lara_catsuit --- catsuit
lara_gold --- golden lara
lara_dgang --- Doppelganger

For godmode add -NOHEALTH at the end of the line.

regards, fleet

02-12-08, 04:46
Beginner's GIMP Recoloring Tutorial
Without messing with the hue.

1. Open your file. I'll start with Lara's face from Underworld.

2. Select the color you want to use by clicking on either the black square or the white square towards the top of the screen, and select your color.

3. Open the layers dialog if it's not already open (CTRL+L). Right click in the box, and select New Layer.

4. Select either foreground or background color, depending on which contains the color you want to use. I changed the black color at the start, which by default, is the foreground color, so that's what I picked in this box.

5. Once you click OK, you should have an image similar to this:
This doesn't look much like skin right now, so let's fix that...

6. Go back to the layers dialog. We have some options to fiddle with. First, try messing around with the opacity level of our new layer.
This is at 90% opacity. It doesn't look very good, so let's put it back at 100% and try some other options.

7. On the Layers Dialog Box, there is an option near the top called Layer Mode, and it has a drop down box with a lot of options. The best ones to use for recoloring (in my opinion) are: burn, hard light, soft light, and color. The other options may work, but you'll have to play around with those.


Burn: http://i37.************/2hi6xbp.jpg

Hard Light: http://i37.************/1jb4hu.jpg

Soft Light: http://i38.************/2i27xqo.jpg

Color: http://i36.************/4utnar.jpg

Once you find one that you like, save the image in your desired format (flattening the image will probably be necessary), as well as a psd file or an xcf file as a backup. You now have a beautiful recolored texture!!:D

More GIMP tutorials to come...

Marvyn Android
10-12-08, 11:39

Lara Croft in Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness

My Latest skinning tool for AOD not only extracts and replaces skins on any CHR but also acts as a loader front end and organizer.



Download the Tool and unzip into your TRAOD/DATA/CHAR folder. You should also have all four Lara CHR files in this folder to skin whichever you want.


Start my loader/extractor/inserter tool. Click the To DDS button. Click on the Lara CHR you want to extract the texture from. Click the Go button. This is only needed if you want the original textures. You don't have to run this if you are wanting to use custom skins.


Start my loader/extractor/inserter tool. Click the To CHR button. Click the DDS skin you want to insert. Click go. Make sure you have the DDS skin file in the CHAR folder.

Organizer Methods

The first thing you will notice when you click To CHR and then click a DDS is there is a preview of the skin. If no preview is available it will show this default picture.



When you extract the textures from a model (CHR) you will get files that look like this.

LaraD.chr 342056.dds

Since a folder can only have one LaraD.chr 342056.dds it makes it difficult to swap skins. The loader allows you to name each skin uniquely which in turn allows you to keep many skins in the CHAR folder.

LaraD.chr 342056.023.dds


LaraD.chr 342056.SparedLife003.dds


Remember to save your DDS skin correctly. The number of Mips and DXT type can be found in the .dat file created by this tool in the CHAR folder (or wherever you ran the tool from) for the model you extracted the textures from.


Tool with skin examples to use as template.

DOWNLOAD (http://www.mediafire.com/?nwkm4jwuaqt)

22-12-08, 09:59
where to find the seams of the swimmsuit? here (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g53/zipper_photo/the-seam.jpg)

Sir Croft
01-01-09, 21:55
Tomb Raider Underworld - Wet and Dirt Maps
by Geoduder

I'll do that right now. I just extracted the texture so it will take me a bit to get it all typed up.


Dirt and water texture explained.

First, you want to look for this (http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g246/fritzmonkey/DWtex.jpg) texture in the game. (Linked to due to it being a big image).
It looks like this in photoshop.

This is the texture that controls the dirt and wet effects that are applied to Lara.
The red channel is the water pattern, the green channel is the dirt pattern (I might have these backwards, but I don't think so), and the blue channel is the specular level used when she is wet. If you make it totally white she will be very shiny, but splotchy because of the red channel. The green channel will always show up as brown.

Detail masking:


The red and green channel mask out what detail bump maps will be applied to what part of the model. Red will be one, and green with be another. If I remember correctly the blue channel has something to do with the wet specular levels, but I'm not totally sure.

I hope this explains things well enough. Let me know if you have any questions.

18-01-09, 19:55
A texture base for wrinkle-free TRA Winston :D Here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=3391712&postcount=8849) is a screenshot of him after being modded :D

http://img26.picoodle.com/img/img26/3/1/18/f_Untitled7m_622e678.png (http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/3/1/18/f_Untitled7m_622e678.png&srv=img26)

http://img33.picoodle.com/img/img33/3/1/18/f_TRAEXE0xBA3m_1c1d4c2.png (http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/3/1/18/f_TRAEXE0xBA3m_1c1d4c2.png&srv=img33)

The texture is modified from TRU Alister's face texture.

27-02-09, 14:01
Axelia was explaining how to create Normal map

http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/6088/relvp3.th.jpg (http://img410.imageshack.us/my.php?image=relvp3.jpg)

and the eyebrows....are on different texture with alpha chanel

http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/3479/eyebrows.th.jpg (http://img145.imageshack.us/my.php?image=eyebrows.jpg)

the second map is the pattern on clothes

http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/3061/map2.th.jpg (http://img145.imageshack.us/my.php?image=map2.jpg)

Ambient occlusion is map which simulates shadows you can also paint it in colors and it will be colored
- good for the wetsuit's yellow stripes...they are yellow anyway but its only way to recolor them

http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/9190/occlusion.th.jpg (http://img145.imageshack.us/my.php?image=occlusion.jpg)

and this last map is only for skin it explains where to catch lights and gloss

http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/9933/map3.th.jpg (http://img145.imageshack.us/my.php?image=map3.jpg)

i hope its helps:).

22-03-09, 10:51
since you can´t re-edit an existing .tpf here´s a trick to make changes on an existing file!

e.g.: you fell in love with an existing mod [Farah] and you realy like the costume but can´t stand the face work ;) [- though I know you love Farah´s face :pi:] you may do the following: change the face and every other thing you dislike and create another .tpf that will dominate the existing
- now you have two different (or even more .tpfs) at the same time in your Package selection! the ranking is important!






not again!
27-04-09, 01:30
First read Mytly's excellent tutorial on how to use the Logging Mode (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=2604865&postcount=5) to check your mod without having to create a new .tpf file.
The process is basically still the same for TRU as well - all but for one tiny difference: unlike with Legend and Anniversary your modified textures don't load automatically when you maximize TRU again, but you have to strike the "Del/." key on your numpad to load them.


This should (hopefully) work. :)

27-04-09, 02:33
since you can´t re-edit an existing .tpf here´s a trick to make changes on an existing file!

e.g.: you fell in love with an existing mod [Farah] and you realy like the costume but can´t stand the face work ;) [- though I know you love Farah´s face :pi:] you may do the following: change the face and every other thing you dislike and create another .tpf that will dominate the existing
- now you have two different (or even more .tpfs) at the same time in your Package selection! the ranking is important!




I have several folders for each part of the model skins. Shorts, head, shirt, boots and inside these I have folders such as for the shorts I have shorts01,short02,...etc. This way I have just the files I need to work on. Since I only have the demo for Anniversary my folders for it aren't near as complicated as other games and only has the single shorts outfit.
Which brings up something I've mentioned before, it would be nice to have a thread for mix-matching parts of outfits. Make dozens of shorts, shirts, head, boots individual tpf files that can be loaded to make a custom outfit. One person make boots, another the shirt, another the shorts, and so on.

15-05-09, 01:32
Oh, a tutorial thread.

Here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=3666584&postcount=1311)'s how to use the Loader just for loading.
This are the steps for modding AOD with the loader.

Step 1
You must have SLTRAODLoader.exe & Default.jpg, both files work together, no other .jpg will make the Loader work. Also, you must have the .chr you want to mod, i picked LaraC1.chr for this tutorial like thing. So here they are...

Step 2
Open the loader and click the To DDS button, select your .chr (i'm using SparedLife's DXT5 LaraC1.chr), then click GO.

Once they are made (it takes a while), you'll get this screen. Then, close the loader.

Also, the following files will be extracted to the folder.

Step 3
There are 2 main files that are bigger than the other ones. Those are LaraC1's main textures template (LaraC1.chr 299980.dds) and lara's bump main template (LaraC1.chr 1698136.dds). The other ones are the guns.

Step 4
Mod as you wish whatever .dds you have chosen... I pasted a pawprint over Lara's Shirt. You can add a distinction to the name of the .dds file you made. I saved it as LaraC1.chr 299980.paw.dds.

Important Step 5
You must go back to the folder and open with Notepad the LaraC1.dat that was made alongside with the .dds; then, search for the name of the .dds you modded (in my case is LaraC1.chr 299980.dds). The file has written on it the properties of the DXT (if it's 1, 2, or 3) and the mipmaps.

Once you know the values, select them on the save options.

Step 6
Open the Loader again and click on the To CHR button, pick your .dds and then click GO.

Step 7: enjoy!

I also made display that the Loader can recognize. The .jpg needs to be 345 x 529 and be named after your .dds; for example, i created LaraC1.chr 299980.paw.jpg. you must save it within the char folder (or wherever your files are).

Hope comes in handy!

I really do!

19-06-09, 16:02
How to make a new sine on cat-suit/snowsuit:
step 1: collect the data(textures) from the game
step 2: mod the outfit textures
step 3: you can still keep the wonderful sine from the outfit without messing up the skin so you first delete everything but the Wight gray dots then go around them and make bigger or smaller

How to etude skin color:
step 1open Photoshop or paint.net or gimp
step 2: add a new layer and then find a skin clout like Broun
step 3: color everything that has skin
step 4: go to img. apply images and select
make sure it looks like this when it is finished:

close-up on box:

21-01-10, 21:01
i made these a while ago and decided to share them with you guys:D

shiny brown with blonde streaks:).


shiny blond.btw you can paint the blonde hair any colour with the colour replacement or the colour burn tool:).


28-01-10, 21:51
Welcome fellow Raider! :tmb: Knowing nothing about 3d modeling and finding the associated programs a little overwhelming, I wanted to find an easier way to do mesh modding.
After reading a couple of posts about the subject I noticed Notepad was used to do some simple changes. Having worked with Notepad I decided to try it out.
This tutorial is my adventure into the world of mesh modding and is designed for novices like myself. So if you are interested lets give it a go! :)
Note that your computer language format should be English (United States) to avoid crashes when using the tools. Thanks to sephiroth99.
Any comments, advice, or criticisms welcome.


Reference 1 http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=4216644&postcount=201 by XNAaraL.
Reference 2 http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=4263203&postcount=25882 by Mrs Bean.


XNALara version 7.2 or greater
MeshAsciitoBin http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?umknjid2mty by Dusan or GeMeshAsciitoBin (see Reference 2)
Your favorite Paint program which you might need.


Make a copy of a full gear model. I'm going to use the bathing suit in the following examples. Go into the bathing suit folder to see if Generic_Item.mesh.ascii is there.
If not, bring the bathing suit up in XNALara, click on the model and hit F11. A box will pop up. Search for your bathing suit folder and double click to select it.
Now type this EXACTLY Generic_Item and save. This action will convert your bathing_suit.mesh into Generic_Item.mesh.ascii.
If you get an error, use File, Export selected as mesh.ascii and setup the same way. Make sure the type is mesh.ascii. Thanks to XNAaraL.

In your bathing suit folder right click on Generic_Item.mesh.ascii and use open with. If Notepad comes up click on it, otherwise browse programs, find Notepad and click on it.


You are looking at the mesh file. It is made up of a bones section and a mesh section.
The bones section has as its first line the number of bones, followed by a combination of named bones that can be manipulated in XNALara and unused bones.
The mesh section has as its first line the number of meshes, followed by the mesh sections (like backpack, body, etc.).
Each mesh section has a mesh name, a texture part, a vertices part (decimal numbers) and a faces part (whole numbers). This will be helpful once you start editing.
At this point I took some time to browse through the mesh file to become familiar with its layout.


Now to get down to business. I will give four examples of editing:
Removing Gear, Ponytail to Braid, Putting Amanda's Face on Lara and Putting Amanda's Hair on Lara.


There are different methods for removing gear (see Reference 1). I choose to delete the mesh sections.
I like to keep it as small as possible and in a later example we will be copying over meshes with the same name from different models.

Start by going into the bathing suit folder and check for things that we can remove. I like to make a list so I can check each one off as I remove it.
It should be backpack, backring, belts, gear1, gear2, gear3, gear4, gear5, gear6, light and metal for a total of 11.

Now right click Generic_Item.mesh.ascii and open with Notepad. Use Ctrl+F to bring up the Find box, type diffuse and hit enter.
Check the name of the diffuse to see if it is one on your list. If not, hit enter and check until you find one.

OK. You found one. :tmb: Close the Find box. Go a few lines up to the name line, left click, hold and drag until the line is highlighted.
Go to the scroll column on the right and click and hold beneath the bar. When you see whole numbers you are nearing the end of the mesh.
When you see decimal numbers stop, click above the bar until you see the diffuse name and the name of the next mesh. Check the mesh you scrolled thru off your list.
If this diffuse name is on your list keep scrolling and checking until you find one that is not.

Now move to the left side of the whole number line above the next mesh name, hold Shift, left click and hold and highlight the line.
The whole mesh part should be highlighted. Hit delete to remove the block and again to remove the remaining blank line. Save.

Hit Ctrl+F to bring up the Find box and hit enter. Repeat the the above process until you have removed all the meshes on your list.

Exit and reenter the mesh file. Ctrl+F to bring up the Find box, type meshes and enter. Reduce the meshes number by 11, save and exit.

Right click on the mesh file and open with. If MeshAsciitoBin or GeMeshAsciitoBin ane NOT present, browse programs then use browse to find your exe.
Click and a box should appear for a couple of seconds and disappear. This will create Generic_Item.mesh in your folder.

If you get an error I ran into three possibilities:
Number of meshes not equal to the meshes in the section. I had to manually count the meshes and change the number if necessary.
Forgot to delete the space after deleting a block. Used Find diffuse to check for blank lines and delete if found.
Messed up a block delete. I had to start from scratch.

OK. You made iI through! :tmb: You can go into your bathing suit folder and delete all the textures for the meshes you deleted.
You also want to delete the bathing_suit.mesh. We have a new one now.

Bring up your model in XNALara. Whoa! Dark areas where the straps were! You have to change the lightmaps for the legs and suit.
If you have a nogear bathing suit model you can use those. If not I have used the background color of the lightmap for the whole map.
Check it out again in XNALara. Voila! A nogear bathing suit! :tmb:


Make a copy of the bathing suit model. I used DG_black&white_bikini by XNAaraL as a model for the braid.
Go into the bathing suit mesh.ascii to find and delete hair (2meshes) and ribbon. If the braid model does not have a Generic_Item.mesh.ascii create one.
Go into the braid mesh.ascii to find and highlight hair (2 meshes) braid and ribbon. This time after highlighting a block, go up to edit and use copy.
Go back into the bathing suit mesh.ascii, go to the bottom and use edit paste. Save. Repeat until the hair, braid and ribbon have been copied over.
Increase bathing suit meshes by 1.

If you look at the ponytail bones in each mesh.ascii you should see that the braid ponytail has one more bone.
The bathing suit mesh has ponytail 0 thru ponytail 7. The braid mesh has ponytail 0 thru ponytail 8.
In the bathing suit mesh.ascii delete from ponytail 0 thru the line above the number of meshes.
In the braid mesh.ascii copy from ponytail 0 thru the line above number of meshes and paste in the bathing suit mesh.ascii right above number of meshes. Save.
Increase number of bones by 1. Save. Create Generic_Item.mesh for the bathing suit.

In your bathing suit folder you can delete the ribbon textures and copy over the braid and leather textures from the braid folder.
Bring up the bathing suit in XNALara. Voila! Lara has a braid. :tmb:


Make a copy of your bathing suit braid model. We need an AmandaLara model since Amanda and Lara have different proportions.
If you have or can find Amanda_js_noboots_nogear by XNAaraL you can use it or you can use Amanda_jaguar_bikini that I made.

Go into your braid mesh and delete eyeshading, eyelashes, mouth, face (face and eyeducts), eyewhites, eyeirises and eyebrows.
In the Amanda folder create a Generic_Item.mesh.ascii if one is not present.
Go into the Amanda mesh and copy eyes (eyewhites), eyelashes, mouth and face over to the braid mesh.
Change number of meshes down by 4 in the braid mesh. Create a new Generic_Item.mesh.
Now you can delete the eyeshading, eyewhites, eyeirises, mouth and eyebrows textures from the braid and copy over the eyes, eyelashes, mouth and face textures from Amanda.

Bring up your Amanda braid model in XNALara. Note the missing parts of the head that would be covered up with Amanda's hair.
I you are using XNAaraL's model, note the gray areas and missing eyebrows (Amanda's hair has 2 transparency supporting parts while Lara has 1) Thanks to Poker15.
I fixed the gray areas and added eyebrows to the face. The face in my model shows the result.
There. You have AmandaLara with a braid. :)


Make a copy of your AmandaLara braid model. Go into the mesh and delete Hair ( 2 meshes), leather (ribbon) and braid.
Go into the Amanda folder and check what hair textures we need. They are hair1, hair2, and hair3.
Go into the mesh and copy hair1 (ribbon), hair2 (eyeshading and eyebrows) and hair3 (hair2) and paste them at the end of your braid mesh.

If you check each mesh out you will see many more bones in the Amanda mesh.
Go into your braid mesh and delete starting at root ground thru the end of the bone section. Save.
Copy the complete bone section from the Amanda mesh and paste it after the number of bones in your braid mesh. Delete the top number of bones line. Save.
Create a new Generic_Item.mesh. Delete the braid, hair and leather textures form your braid folder.
Copy the hair1, hair2 and hair3 textures from the Amanda folder into your braid folder.
Bring your model up in XNALara. Voila! Complete Amanda head! :)


During the course of your deleting you may have noticed deleting a mesh name looking like this:
6_hair2_0.1_0_0_foot right_leg right ankle
The foot right is a look at point you can use in XNALara to focus the camera on a certain body part.

The complete list is:
head_head jaw, body upper_breast left_breast right, body lower_pelvis, hand left_arm left wrist, hand right_arm right wrist,
knee left_leg left knee, knee right_leg right knee, foot left_leg left ankle, foot right_leg right ankle.

If you have clobbered too many of the look at points you can add them to the mesh names as in the example above.

You may run into this situation: Large eyes.
You can correct this problem by going into the mesh, find eyeballs, delete the eyeball mesh and reduce the mesh number by 1. Thanks to Navid.

Some things you may want to try:
Removing the gear on a jungle shorts model. See what you run into. :)
Adding textures to the Doppleganger braid.
Adding elve ears and vampire teeth. I used Lar'ariel by tarcairion for the face and Lilith by not again! for the mouth.
Adding eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes from an Amanda mod into your AmandaLara. Oh look! :)
Adding Amelia head to Lara. Scary! :)
Try, as I did, starting modding from a jungle pants to a jungle shorts noboots nogear.
Or, the best thing, whatever you want to try! :)

Hey. Thank you for visiting. I hope this was helpful for you.
Any comments, advice or criticisms welcome!


30-01-10, 01:46
thanks for the tutorial!

but something you should mention is that your computer language format needs to be "English (United States)" or else the tools and/or your mesh will crash. In my case, asciitomesh crashes if I don't change my computer language. Thanks to XNAaraL for the tip in his tutorials

04-02-10, 20:38
hi i decided to make a glossy lips tutorial
the user underhoe discovered it and teached me how to do it and gave me permission via msn:D
it works best on TRU doppelgangers face texture
firstly open photoshop and select the lips ( the quick selection tool is amazing for it ;))
now press CTRL + j now we have the lips on a separate layer
now go to filter>artistic>plastic warp
and use theese options
sorry for the bad translation:o
hit ok
now you may want to erase some of the upper parts
and the lowest
like this
now merge the layers and your done!
of course you can play arounnd with the opacity recolor etc.
simple and nice huh?:cln:
thanks soo much underhoe

16-03-10, 13:53
Some tips for modding Amanda in XNA_Lara

I have experimented a bit with Amanda's mesh and thought this info could be useful for my fellow modders. :hug:

There are different metal and bands mesh parts in the mesh, here is an overview of what disappears when you delete the mesh part (just delete the first line, the one you change to make it more shiny ;)).

metal 1: heels (leaves hole in mesh!) and buckles on boots
metal 2: flower thingies on shirt
metal 3: big flower thingies and big belt buckle (from coat)
metal 4: belt buckle (trousers)
metal 5: buckles on arms (from coat)

bands 1: neck band (leaves hole!), boot bands
bands 2: small bands on front of shirt
bands 3: belt (trousers)

The big belt on the coat has its own mesh part, it's not included in 'bands'.

I hope this will be useful to some. :)

11-04-10, 18:46
Using TexMod with Steam games:

(Credit to Evacash for this very useful tip)

Blastermaster posted this on another web site. It worked for TR Underworld and might work for other Steam games.

"PhillB from the Steam forums gave a little tutorial on how to get Texmod to work with some Steam games. Basically, rename Texmod to the name of the game (IE: tru.exe) and rename the original executable of the game to something else (IE: truback.exe). Then launch the game from within Steam. This will actually open up Texmod and you can now use skins for your character. By the way, you will be placing these files in the "C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/tomb raider underworld" folder (where "C:/" is your drive letter)."

inquiring minds want to know

02-05-10, 17:10
Some Instructions on Mesh Modding for XNALara are here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=4894085&postcount=1).


04-05-10, 18:40
Tomb raider 1-5 tools by spunkification

I decided to make this thread since it is getting hard to find the classic TR modding tools. Here you should find most of the classic TR modding tools. Feel free to let me know if I am missing some;)

TRitem-Allows you to put items into the game. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3lt5miozzmq

Fexinspect- check out rooms, move meshes, and change Lara's starting position. Includes both normal and SK. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nyzenmmmznj

Tombviewer- gives you a 3d tour of the level. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?z1zmjn2m5ju

strpix- edit WAD files. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mqezzn1he0z

Pixstr-edit models and meshes. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?eyx2gmtz4zj

Fexmerger- change 1 thing into another. my favorite tool. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ckgcxjzttgo

TRviewer- allows you to load, extract, and replace textures. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?am2gjylkney (if that one gives you issues try this one:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mtr224muxr4 )

TRtexture-allows you to modify the textures on a 64x64 bitmap. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?znnmjn2nk1z (if that gives you issues try this one: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?xlgtzjhviat )

TRlevel editor. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?hg0jjuni0zh

Tbuilder-unknown(has no read me.) http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jyah4znde2h

Rview-edit rooms. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?vjdmgm5y5yn

WADedit- edit WADS. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tznntyajndy

TRmerger-unknown. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mjtywmqncmo

Texdump- Late-Late's tool. Very complicated to use. Extract textures. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mzmznuniz4z

TRhook- goes with textdump. After modifying, puts the textures in game with HD graphics. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zmwwit4ztyz

Project config- goes with texdump, and TRhook. creates the folders needed for the tools, and config file. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?njlnd0johnj

TRflight patch- allows you to fly in game. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mbiujn0ailg

NOTES: If any of these say "zlib.dll not found" or something like that, then download this. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zydmejizcdl
After that put it in the folder that you have the tool in, and click the tool. The error might come up again, if it does click exit and try again. It should work.

Some versions of these tools lag on my computer, that is why I posted some earlier versions.

Custom levels coming soon

Miss WolF
04-10-10, 11:41

You are looking at the mesh file. It is made up of a bones section and a mesh section.
The bones section has as its first line the number of bones, followed by a combination of named bones that can be manipulated in XNALara and unused bones.
The mesh section has as its first line the number of meshes, followed by the mesh sections (like backpack, body, etc.).
Each mesh section has a mesh name, a texture part, a vertices part (decimal numbers) and a faces part (whole numbers). This will be helpful once you start editing.
At this point I took some time to browse through the mesh file to become familiar with its layout.


20-05-12, 11:35
Hello there can you tell me how to convert .obj file in to mesh file. Actually i have downloaded 3d files of the joker (from batman) but it has only have .obj, .mtl, .lwo files and textures but no mesh file. i can open it in maya2008 but cant load it to xna lara so please help me

20-05-12, 21:47
Please ask in the XNALara section (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=52).